6 thoughts on “Captive Education

  1. What would be more interesting to find out is WHO writes these bills? Who wrote ESSA? To this day no one has been able to find that out. I can tell you it was not the legislators that are sponsoring these bills. Lamar Alexander had nothing to do with the writing of ESSA but WHO DID? ALEC? Bill Gates? WHO? I believe this was a draft bill and everyone and their cat added their pet projects to the end result. If parents continue to feed the beast the beast will continue to devour our children into this evil system. Any REAL Christian that continues to send their children to the public school system needs to open up their Bible and refresh their memory on who our God tells us is to educate our children.

  2. From some of the evidence we CAN see, I believe the Education Strategy Group, the InTASC (CCSSO’s Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium), Gates Foundation, Pearson Publishing, and CCSSO’s Career Readiness Task Force are the most likely to have written ESSA. I am sure there are others yet to be named.

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