Education: COVID’s Jackpot!

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, there’s been much talk about opening schools/not opening them. So much, it can make your head spin. We’ve seen main stream media continue its ‘the sky is falling’ attitude. We’ve even seen more independent media fawn over the current Adminstration’s view on this topic.

We’re seeing parents become bored, frustrated, impatient, and, plain worn out. Add to that the safety concerns each has and it’s easy to see WHY things in education are such a mess. Teachers are under similar positions or even had the concerns over loss of income. These doesn’t even address the students who might be in situations where they are mistreated, abused, or, worse, told that their parents/guardians can’t wait to be rid of them by going back to the classrooms!

So, what does it all mean? How does education benefit from COVID, if it benefits at all? What does all this mean for the future in education?

Covid Jackpot #1:

Warriors, it’s my researched opinion that the first jackpot in education for Covid’s advantage is control.
Control of where your family is, what do they need, is schoolwork getting done? Why else would Congress have rushed through the CARES Act with its billions in ‘education relief’? How is this jackpot justified? It’s passed off as safety, when it actually means either tracking you in person (at home visit) or on-line (data trails).

Also in this #1 jackpot would fall Congress’s continued push in the name of Covid recovery to streamline workforce based education/jobs. Control education and labor, and you control the economy. However, as we all know, by the forced shutting down of so much of our society, the economy will take years to recover.

Related to all this contol, is the fact that the USMCA has now officially started to take effect. If you’ll remember, education is used in the Agreement to slot you into what type of job opportunities you may have. With the Trump Administration’s love for all things workforce aligned (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math: STEM, apprenticeships, Career Tech Education: CTE, etc.).

The segway from Covid to USMCA shoud not be discounted.

Why? Public health care is embedded in the USMCA.

, from the
research guide for America 2000/Goals 2000 (Pres. Clinton’s Adminstration), this image. In current times, we can apply this to the ease of transition from Every Student Succeeds Act: ESSA, to Covid, to the USMCA:

The research guide is very hard to find and is about $50.00. However, if you ever wanted to see how the federal government has employed manipulation against the citizens of America, this is a ‘must-have’. Watchdogs like Charlotte Iserbyt and Sam Blumenfeld were among the contributors.

Covid Jackpot #2:

Warriors, this is where profit from Covid comes in. Not physical safety as a profit for you and I, but financial profit for corporations and governments.

Did you know there’s a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Systems) arm of the U.S. Dept. of Education? It’s been around since the late 90s and receives grants from the Dept. Every State has a PBIS department. Some are housed in universities, and others use their State government offices to infiltrate schools and communities.

Warriors, what you see above is a screen shot of the Covid guide the PBIS Center has published. Interestingly enough, generic phrases like ‘current situation’ and ‘after crisis’ are used. So, is this a sign we need to be prepared for another such crisis which imprisons us?! Not to miss out, the Brooklyn LAB School (Part of the Project XQ Superschools) has a Covid guide for social distancing for in-person classrooms. Warriors, this means that Big Tech/Big Data will profit financially more than any other group in the world!

“Funding” is embedded 39 times in PBIS guide. As we know, that means it’s connected to data trails. We also know, that means invasion of privacy. In the name of ‘safety’ your entire family is being sought out to be micromanaged.
Add to this the billions of dollars CARES Act (and the HEROES Act, if it becomes law) is throwing at communities and schools (all age levels and choices) in the name of Covid.

Recent news that Pres. Trump wants to stop federal funding in education and DeVos’s redirecting education funds to families are a) unconstitutional, and, b) a trap. First off, the President cannot stop funding, that’s Congress’s job!
Second, DeVos is doing anything to drive the false narrative about ‘school choice’. Page 17 of the ESSA wiped out TRUE school choice. Many parents are STILL hypnotized by the aspect of ‘free money’ for ‘school choice’.

I’m all for no federal funds in education, but the President isn’t on board with this for the sake of the Constitution and doing what’s right for America, his motive is the ECONOMY of the nation! It’s also a big ruse to stir up votes.

DeVos’s move would take public funds and use them as bait (vouchers) for families in private and faith based schools (even homeschools). The Supreme Court’s recent ruling on that topic fits precisely in with the ESSA-Covid pattern. If you missed my recent interview with Alex Newman for New American Magazine, we covered this exact danger.

As I stated above, there’s a distinct linkage between ESSA/Covid/USMCA. The USMCA portion will most certainly be found in the economy. However, Chapter 20 of the Agreement is public health care. Education and Labor are lumped together elsewhere in the Agreement.

As far as other profits in the name of Covid, just type in ‘Covid profits education’ in your internet search bar. Thousands of results. This also plays into the Covid-USMCA pattern. Big corporations are squeezing out small businesses. In the USMCA, government is granted more power over which businesses thrive and which are assimilated. Education will be treated the same way, Warriors!


Warriors, we must be careful to not allow the ESSA/Covid/USMCA actions to assimilate our families!
We must seek out ways to hold our government accountable! End federal overreach in education, YES, but do it for the Constititution’s sake; do it for the benefit of the We the People.

Our nation is NOT “We the Economy”, it’s We the People!


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  1. Once again, you are spot on Lynne. I live in a small town in NC and have had my sons in an ‘exclusive’ private school since Pre k. When the Board adopted CCORE, without any warning or input from parents 4 yrs ago, I attempted to educate everyone I cd. Being a small school, every one knows everyone and most parents grew up together. I have been unsuccessful in opening the eyes of one single person. Its devastating to know the agenda and not be able to break thru the false narrative the entire Board and teachers have bought hook line and sinker. They truly have no idea what the results of their policies are doing to the students futures. Thank you for your voice!

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