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**Author’s note: This is the first article in a series detailing HR 2, Moving Forward Act.

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, in my last article, I closed with the fact that HR 2 (Moving Forward Act) has passed the House and is now in the Senate. If you missed the last article, it was addressing the billions of our taxpayer dollars Congress is planning to use in FY 2021 and beyond.

So, what’s the big deal about HR 2? After all, the name suggests progress. Warriors, it’s ‘progress’ alright, but the amounts of 1) money, 2) control, and, 3) tyranny will set into place an America like we’ve never seen. Frankly, we won’t even want to live here , at least like this.

As I shared in the ‘teaser’, HR 2 is over 2,700 pages and has ‘education’ embedded almost 400 times (393, to be exact). Warriors, the Bill was introduced on June 11, 2020. By late June, HR 2 had been calculated to cost us at LEAST a trillion dollars, if all of the changes to our nation happen. However, Budget notes reveal that’s the first ESTIMATE. As I poured through this mammoth Bill, I noticed that millions and billions were sprinkled in. So much so, that it doesn’t take any time to realize the money adds up to well over a trillion dollars.

Let me pause here to state that if HR 2 ONLY changed education, that’s one thing, however, HR 2 is seeking to change EVERY single infrastructure system we have in America. From healthcare to energy and everything in between.

Education, as the CCSS Machine loves to do, is the kingpin mechanism for all the changes. It’s also important to note that the budget figures were posted on the CBO website June 22, 2020, but the actual document is dated June 30, 2020.

The same day the House held at least 4 debates over HR 2, on the floor. If you look at the chain of action steps for HR 2, you’ll notice that several amendments (with lots of dollars attached) to HR 2 were added on the same day. When the final vote to pass HR 2 from the House to the Senate, happened (July 1,2020), several more debates and amendments(with money attached) happened.  The final roll call was 233 ‘yes’ votes to 188 ‘no’ votes.
Ten Representatives didn’t bother to vote. ( Carter (TX), Emmer (MN), Gallagher (WI), King (IA), Lee (NV), Loudermilk (GA), Marchant (TX), Roby (AL), Rooney (FL), and, Weber (TX). )

My point? How can the actual cost to HR 2 even be estimated at a mere trillion when such actions make it appear MANY unconstitutional activities happened?

Changing America, From The Inside Out:

Warriors, above you can see the supposed purpose of HR 2 is to change our transportation and highways.
However, that deception is quickly exposed when you do a general search for any topic.
For example, ‘education’. I really didn’t think that search term would be included repeatedly (393 times). But it was. Healthcare (255 times) was another big ticket a transportation update Bill.

Why?! To think as Congress put it, when you change or update the highways and transportation systems, you have to change ALL related infrastructures to comply with transportation. As we know, when the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was made into ‘law’ it too, mandated infrastructure changes in digital access for ‘student success’. ESSA is only ONE of the laws codified in HR 2.

Another big one is WIOA, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (it was also codified in ESSA, along with the HEA, Higher Education Act). All 3, ESSA, WIOA, and, HEA appeared multiple times in HR 2. To align the workforce system to education for skill based competency credentialed workers!

Warriors, it doesn’t stop there, either. Much of the ‘workforce corps’ in HR 2 will be managed nationally and regionally.

Don’t Look Now, But COVID-19’s A Scapegoat:

That’s right, Warriors, COVID-19’s been such a mishandled mess, why NOT have Congress mess things up even more? We can’t overlook how the CARES Act (already law) and the HEROES Act (not yet a law) used the virus to force education into a digital nightmare for families. HR 2, will add to this. In the way Congress stated it in HR 2,  due to COVID-19 everything had to change so that all subsuquent healthcare emergencies would be more successful in being addressed.

My friends, WHEN has the U.S. government, or ANY government been our friend?! Especially when it comes to areas NOT in the Constitution?! Below is an image of the data trails from the U.S. Dept. of Health/Human Services. Just ONE of the many federal agencies to be included in the HR 2 makeover.

Warriors, the honest truth is HR 2 was created to usher in even more ‘nanny state’ programs to justify updates in the name of COVID-19. We, HAVE to demand the Senate kills HR 2! If ever there were a Bill Congress is willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater, THIS is IT!

I’m not saying COVID-19 isn’t real or that many have died. My points on HR 2, are that the overreaches extend WELL beyond what’s legal and moral.

Below, I’ve summarized the biggest and scariest components of HR 2.


Warriors, in the next segment, we’ll ‘dive’ into the education/workforce portions of HR 2, Moving Forward.
I can honestly say, the forward Congress has us set for is not good. Why will we allow this to continue?


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