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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, the busy season is  upon us! I realize that not all of my readers are Christians. Some of you are Jewish in your faith, while others may not even have a faith to participate in.

Hey, I would be a great team member!

However, the ONE thing we ALL have in common is that we have children. Regardless of the fact if we are their parents, grandparents, or, guardians. Some of you may also be single, yet, are in service jobs, like teaching, where you interact with children.

Another thing we have in common is that we HATE what the educational overreaches of the CCSS Machine have done to our children. Remember, Common Core is now an ‘adolescent’ in age. ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act, which did NOT ‘kill’ Common Core, is now, a ‘toddler’ (5 years old).

We also know the global education overreaches are ‘senior citizens’, when you look at the over 100 year progression of ‘dumbing down’ (as Charlotte Iserbyt has coined).

So, what blessings can I share with you this season? This entire month, on the Sons of Liberty Radio Morning show (every Wednesday), I’ve been sharing a series on what the Bible has to say about education. If you follow the Holy Bible, it will help you see how the world is truly against us, when it comes to what education and learning SHOULD be and what it’s become. If you are not following the Holy Bible, you may find the overreaches, not only eye-opening, but realize just how far the CCSS Machine has gone to ruin your family.

Now, Warriors, no gift would be worth giving if we didn’t share it, or, in this case, we didn’t have some sort of proactive plan in place, now that we’ve seen the truth. That’s your ‘mission’ for this month and into the New Year. Take the time to read, listen, pray, mull over all the content within these 3 broadcasts. As a bonus, you have a video from Mrs. Iserbyt, above, too; so that’s 4 broadcasts to glean from!

There will be 2 more broadcasts on Sons; one set for Dec. 23rd and the last, for Dec. 30th, 2020. Those will round out the month. Then, January 2021, we’ll dive back into the the War vs the Core, with a new mindset!

Enjoy and be blessed,

Lynne (aka: Common Core Diva)

Week 1, Dec. 2nd, 2020 (resources and images)

Week 2, Dec. 9th, 2020 (resources and images)

Week 3, Dec. 16th, 2020 (resources and images)


Warriors, share these with anyone you know who may benefit from the words, wisdom, and encouragement shared above. I never want to be the type of leader who didn’t fight hard enough to save as many children as possible. I doubt you are that type of leader, either. It’s time our expectations for REAL education meet reality, not, the CCSS Machine’s reality!

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