1 thought on “Not His Job

  1. Well DeVos finally got what she wanted since the first day, and long before, she became Secretary of Education. Federal vouchers!! Now the federal government has closed the gap on total control over education. What the federal government funds the federal government runs and this should be very clear when every time a state steps out of line their federal education dollars come under threat. BUT the Blaine Amendment still is law. DeVos tried her best to destroy the Blaine Amendment which prevents public money used to fund religious private schools. We know that one mother won her case to use voucher money in her state for religious schools but there are many states that have implemented the Blaine Amendment. Is this how the government overrides the Blaine Amendment without following the proper steps to shut it down. Parents with hand out for “free” money need to understand this only cements government control over what you children are taught and even worse what they are not taught. But most parents will not get it. All they will see if free private school for their kids. REMEMBER private no longer exists once federal money is paying the freight.

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