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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, did you know that the 2020 elections impacted ONLY 4 States, as far as their State Superintendents of Education?!
That’s right, only NC, MT, ND, and WA had this office on the ballots. Three of the States saw the status quo (incumbent) ‘win’.

Only NC, will get a new Superintendent, Catherine Truitt. WA is stuck with Chris Reykdel; ND chose to keep Kirsten Beasler; and, MT’s Elsie Arntzen gets to keep her office.

Warriors, of the 4 races, only Reykdel ran as non-partisan, all the others ran as Republicans. Here’s another note, all the incumbents are members of the CCSSO, Council of Chief State School Officers. Currently, NC’s CCSSO member, is Mark Johnson, the existing State Superintendent. Truitt will take his place upon taking office. (*Note: remember, the CCSSO is a CCSS Machine member and partial copyright owner to the Common Core State Standards.)

From what I could find, the next round of States which will vote for a Superintendent, is 2022. Those States are AZ, CA, GA, ID, OK, SC, and WY. Supposedly, from Ballotopedia’s information, the Superintendent’s office is to be considered non-partisan. However, as research has shown us, the political affiliation these people ran with, usually dictates their actions. Especially as they give preference to the big businesses and industries which helped them get into office.
Republican agenda for education is no different than the Democrat agenda.

What’s the agenda? Again, research shows it’s ‘hurry up to learn, so you can hurry up to earn’.

Since I live in NC, I was curious about what the Superintendent-elect may have as her agenda for the next 4 years, as far as education goes. I’m sure those of you who live in WA, MT, and ND have lots of questions, too.

Who IS Catherine Truitt?

Warriors, according to the Carolina Journal, the incoming Superintendent used to work in the NC Executive Branch under former Governor Pat McCrory in his education staff. She then went on to be a chancellor of an on-line CCSS aligned school, Western Governors University.

You can find, in the same article, that the CJ reporter had questions about what Truitt will bring to the table, in education. I can tell you this, it’s more status quo, workforce prep. McCrory supported it 100%. Much of Truitt’s platform backs up McCory/Cooper and even, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s view of CTE (Career Tech Education) in NC.
(*Note: Forest is about to leave office for the new Lt. Governor, Mark Robinson, who also supports the ‘school choice fallacy’ and CTE heavily, to begin his term.Robinson will also take Forest’s place on the State Board of Education and serve the Board for NC’s Community Colleges, which are all sold out to the CSSS Machine.)
Here’s a document I created for you to see Robinson’s ‘fence riding’, when it comes to education. (Robinson)

Our current Governor, Roy Cooper supports this educratic shift. Cooper was re-elected for a 2nd term.

The agenda is wrapped up in a neat little bundle of ‘not every student needs to go to college, we need more alternatives’. Warriors, there are no NEW alternatives which aren’t aligned to the CCSS Machine or its CTE (Career Tech Education) or STEM Career Tracks!
Below, is an image from a
2017 article I published on the workforce push ramping up in NC. In 2020, it hasn’t slowed down yet.
This image denotes all the Truitt will be in charge of. Robinson and Cooper, along with the General Assembly, the NC State Board of Education, and, others will also have control.

Another article from CJ, (different author), had lots of nice things to say about Mrs. Truitt. (*Note: this author of the Carolina Journal actually contributed $110.00 to the Truitt campaign, so the article is very slanted.)

Another one (Caffeinated Rage), had proof of her questionable ties, especially what entities and special interests were found. (Caffeinated Rage also reported that the John Lock Foundation’s member, Robert Luddy, donated to Truitt’s campaign John Locke Foundation has the Carolina Journal in its entity.)

Since it’s our job to hold these officials accountable, I’m sharing my list. Feel free to contact your State Department of Education with these, or add your own.

So, if I have the opportunity to interview Mrs. Truitt or Mr. Robinson, here’s what I’d ask:
1) What will you do that Superintendent Johnson wouldn’t or couldn’t?
2) How, if willing to do so, will you reduce the federal footprint in NC education?
3) Tell me, where in the U.S. Constitution do you find the authority from the federal government to overreach in education? Can you cite for me at least one federal law which expressly prohibits ALL overreaches? (Hint: look below. Most educrats miss the because money is not in the wording, it’s somehow excluded. It ISN’T!):

4) Do you think the NC Constitution’s release of power from the General Assembly and given to the NC Dept.of Public Instruction should be reversed due to the gross mismanagement from previous officials?
5) How will you get education back to a local county/city level and get P3s (public-private partnerships) to get out of educational overreaches, as well? The P3s impact, has been, for years, to delete academics as we knew them and replace them with workforce, skill based manipulation.
6) How will you divorce NC education from SIGs (Special Interest Groups)? Groups like SAS, is an example. BEST NC is from the corporate arm of State Government, and thus shouldn’t be involved in education.
7) Will you endorse a forced COVID-19 vaccination in all levels of school, formal and informal? What about the religious exemption afforded to those under the NC’s Dept of Non-Public Instruction where the Dept. of Public Instruction’s programs intertwine? Will these be honored?
8) Constant and long hours on end, sitting at a computer have proved damaging to students. How will you address this for NC?
9) Throwing money at education, State level and federal, hasn’t worked for decades. Will you continue this trend? If not, how will you address it?
10) What’s the biggest message you have for those who didn’t vote for you? How will you explain that your corporate donors are not whom you serve? How will the citizens of NC be able to see this? As we know, the past Superintendents have been very subjective with education’s direction aligning with their backers. It’s time the People of NC are treated as the powerful ones.


One last item about Mrs. Truitt. She has big ties to Western Governor’s University. That same university is one I exposed at least 3 years ago, as a huge CCSS Machine member. In this 2016 article, I showed you how WGU was part of the global grab on education. In this 2015 article, WGU can be tied to the Lumina Foundation (another big CCSS Machine member). From earlier in 2015, this article proved WGU can be tied to a higher education group which can be traced back to the Gates Foundation. Warriors, two points: 1) Most of these articles was while McCrory was in office. Remember, Truitt was in his Cabinet; 2) Gates Foundation has spent a fortune buying off NC.

One last item about Mr. Robinson. He ran a campaign which was staunchly based on the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, the right to life, and ‘school choice’. It troubles me greatly that the very things he ran on in this campaign have been attacked and reshaped by educational powers that be. As you know, the CCSS Machine has thrown out the Constitution’s value and violated the Amendments which prohibit ALL federal directives in education. The 2nd Amendment has been a special target of Common Core (as to how bad it is and needs to be removed). I covered that back in 2015. It’s only increased since then, how bad guns are. As far as right to life, Planned Parenthood was allowed to enter schools with the mandates of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). School choice? That was destroyed on Page 17 of ESSA when it mandated ALL education be aligned to the SAME workforce ready standards of a labor law!

So, how much of the Constitutional stance will remain? I’m afraid none at all, or at the best, like the other States and the 2020 elections; very little.

If we want the problem fixed, it’s up to US, not our officials!

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