Education’s Frozen Chosen: Will You Be One?

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, as you know, I’ve exposed the global roots of the NSF (National Science Foundation) and the non governmental choke-hold this organization has on education. NSF absolutely adores STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and all the STEM related alphabet soup names(like STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts (includes writing), and Math).

It was the NSF, in fact, which was influenced by the United Nations to create the acronym for STEM in the first place! Why?
To help pull the wool over the nation’s eyes, as well as cooperate with the UN to begin a nation-wide acceptance of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Add to this that STEM has made the NSF a defacto ruler in education under the guise of ‘science’.  Warriors, Congress adores giving our taxpayer money to the NSF to continue the alignment!

The image below is an older one, but it’s provided so you can see the GOAL of STEM wasn’t about education, as much as it’s about the workforce based economy for a ‘greater global good’ NOT an American good. Under the Biden Administration, STEM has received billions in funding. His FY 2022 Budget Request for STEM is at least $50 million more.

Warriors, you need to know that the Biden FY 2022 Budget Requests also lump in the NSF under the STEM funding by the amount of $1.6 billion! (Note: included with the American Family Plan was $39 billion for STEM, especially at HBCUs {Historically Black Colleges/Universities})

NSF Looks For “Chosen Frozen” Compliance:

Warriors, announced on Sept. 10, 2021, the NSF is looking for Polar STEAM participants. Specifically the NSF needs a facilitator to direct the new initiative.  The goal of the Polar STEAM is to have Antarctic art  and writing projects to promote artists and writers. The AAW (Antarctic Artist and Writers) Program is looking to have qualified artists and writers go to the Antarctic. Included in the travel will also be the Arctic Region, too.  The concept is to open Antarctica up so these chosen frozen will be able to convey all the human advances made on the 7th continent. The level of inclusion for the arts/writing will also be used as a widget for innovation. Teachers will be extended an opportunity to also go and participate. Leaders of higher education, especially minority serving institutions will also be eligible to travel. The cost of the facilitator will be $4 million dollars, to be spread over 5 years (that’s $700,000.00 per year).

Let me pause here to bring up some common sense questions, I’m not sure has been addressed.
The Antarctic is not set up to handle civilization beyond the most basic of needs. How will large groups negatively impact the environment there? What about waste management? How many people will be unequipped to handle drastic cold? History has shown the explorers and scientists haven’t always been able to survive, yet we’re funding regular citizens to go?! How will the NSF or the AAW prevent poaching of the wildlife? What is being planned for the epic level of storms Antarctica receives? (Some answers can be found, for real, in the detailed description under “Key Budget Issues”. You’ll see trips are limited to 12 people per year and that ALL travel and clothing will be paid for by WE the PEOPLE via the NSF funding award of $4 million!)

Warriors, if you look at the detailed NSF description for the Polar STEAM, you’ll see that diversity, inclusion, and collaboration are among the intended consequences. However, look a bit closer at this initiative and you’ll see P3s (public private partnerships) are a key component. As we know, P3s are blatant fascism! The Polar STEM is also allowing for companies and corporations (for profit entities) to be eligible as long as they are researching something for EDUCATION!

Here’s an excerpt from the detailed description:Polar STEAM is a new initiative, which encompasses and enriches two longstanding efforts:

  • an Antarctic Artists and Writers (AAW) program to support writing and artistic projects specifically designed to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the Antarctic and the human endeavors on the southernmost continent; andsupport for educators, both formal and informal, to travel to the Antarctic and Arctic to work collaboratively with researchers (hereafter, the Polar Educators program).”


Warriors, included, by default, in all this is one truth: massive data tracking! Also, indoctrination! Have no fear, those chosen frozen will also come back as dyed in the wool SDGs disciples (if they aren’t before they leave).

Before I leave you, please remember that the SDGs are NOT only available in public schools! These are woven into our entire nation, at every level in every conceivable concept! STEM, STEAM and all the other related names are available to ALL education choices and at every age. If you aren’t sure, please check my archives. You’ll find that our churches are even embracing STEM/STEAM. Remember, also that the NSF is our enemy due to its compliance with the UN more-so than the US citizens.

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