10 thoughts on “Dollars Before Dears

  1. One thing I would like your readers to understand. SDG Goal #1 End Poverty sounds so wonderful. Most people read this and think that the UN wants to lift everyone OUT of poverty INTO prosperity for all. No.No.No. That is not what they mean. Through the SDGs the plan is to make everyone equally poor. It is much easier to drag people down (as in dumbed down education) than it is to allow people to rise to the top. One thing the UN has been very vocal about is to destroy the middle class because the UN firmly believes the middle class is the cause of poverty. Truth be known the middle class is what accentuates the oppressive governments that hold their people in slavery and poverty. There can only be 2 classes of people in their vision of eutopia. The obedient slaves and their masters. Just like their SDG for Gender Equality. This goal means to make woman workers not mothers. I guess if men cannot have babies then no one should be allowed. Thanks for another great article.

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