Proof Of Work: The “New” Education

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, while we were busy celebrating Thanksgiving (or getting ready for Christmas), the CCSS Machine has been hard at work tweaking some of the latest changes for education. 

As we know the fickleness of the CCSS Machine, we should recall that when education is changed, it’s not simply for Johnny and Suzy; it’s for the entire citizenship of our nation.

In the related 2 articles, you saw a toxic federal Bill (HR 4286). Much feedback was given surrounding that Bill. I trust you were able to use the “Say No to HR 4286” one page protest document I created for you to use to educate your Representatives and Senators.

That ‘simple’ one Bill is only an example of the Congressional shift to mandating cryptocurreny, digital credentials, bitcoins, xAP, and whatever else related to become our new financial system. (*Note: Currently, Congress has 39 Bills related to ‘digital currency’)

For education, it’s starting with tax credits. In my 2 articles about HR 4286, I showed you how anyone K-12th grade (regardless of school location or type) would be ensnared.

Meet HR 528 Blockchain Regulatory Certainty Act:

Warriors, this 4 page Bill hasn’t seen much ‘action’ since Feb. 2019, but the Bill also has some wicked plans, should it come into play before the 116th Congress dismisses for good. We can’t relax it this Bill dies in the 116th, either, my fellow Warriors. Congress recycles legislation from one Session to another. Especially when the agenda has to be adhered to.

So what agenda does HR 528 have? Who or what company controls YOUR information, digital currency, and, where you fit on the blockchain system. Think about what this means when applied to education, too. You, as a parent, or your child, as a student would have ZERO control when it comes to ‘intellectual property’.

HR 528
was sponsored by Rep. Tom Emmer (MN). There were 2 co-sponsors, Rep. Ted Budd (NC; sponsored HR 4286) and Rep. Darren Soto (FL). Currently, the Bill is in 2 House Committees (Financial Services and Judiciary). HR 528 is also in 2 Sub-committees: Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet; Crime, Terror, and Homeland Security.

HR 528 would give ‘safe harbor’(where licensing and registration are needed) to certain ‘non-controlling blockchain developers (software programming) and providers (internet) of blockchain services. This means these safe harbored people or groups can’t act as financial institutions, money transmitters, or, money services businesses UNLESS they currently have control over digital currency YOU, the user are entitled to. In other words, there are so many gray areas HR 528 creates for those using blockchains to create avatars of EVERY citizen, we will have to see how criminal laws, data privacy laws, and, State laws could be changed.

Warriors, be sure to read the definitions of what HR 528 has for blockchain services, blockchain providers, etc. Then, keep in mind how, if enacted, HR 4286’s tax credits and virtual blockchain apprenticeships would entwine with these services and people/groups.

Warriors, I showed you Rep. Ted Budd’s CCSS Machine ties in my first article about HR 4286. His ‘interest’ in digital currency, etc. can be tied directly to the financial industry. As far as Rep. Emmer’s ties to the CCSS Machine? Those include Goldman Sachs, the Koch Industries (Koch Brothers), Wells Fargo, Big Unions, and, Google. Rep. Soto’s are Big Sugar, CVS, and T-Mobile. (Source)

Why Blockchain Is Bad:

Warriors, maybe the idea of blockchain isn’t so scary to you. As I shared with you before, my fellow Warrior, Alison (Wrench in the Gears blog) has explained just how scary and bad blockchains are for us as humans. It reduces us to mere symbols on a computer. It sucks the life right out of each of us. It forces us into a system where we must prove ourselves to be somehow worthy of existing to a cyber system which controls us 100%.

Virtual learning creates false competencies, so what you or your student thinks they know, isn’t really knowledge. It’s a farce. Why would our government do this in conjunction with the CCSS Machine? Control..plain and simple. Control of your family, your money, and your life. 

When this is applied to education, especially at early ages, it’s no wonder the phrases we’ve heard tied to the CCSS Machine should scare us into action. Those phrases:
“PreK to Gray”; “Cradle to Grave”; “Learn to Earn”, “Pay for Success”, and ‘Human Capital’ etc.

Meet “Ripple”:

Warriors, while Bitcoin forces us to participate in a type of pay for success system (aka: proof-of-work), it isn’t the only cryptocurrency out there. There’s a newer one called Ripple. Where Bitcoins use money as a reward, Ripple will use goods and commodities as rewards. Ripple’s data capture occurs every second, Bitcoins take a bit longer. The algorithms of Bitcoin track your competency or mastery. The algorithms of Ripple are built on consensus. Again, Warriors, apply this to a educational setting. Think about all those group projects or group grades. Consensus is what social justice also appears to be thriving on. Consensus definitely plays into the Chinese Sesame Credit type systems of rewards/punishments. (*Note: if you want to read a basic pro/con of Ripple vs Bitcoin, go here.)

If you think of Ripple’s control of goods and commodities what does this mean for food supply or medicine? (education overreaches are definitely in both our food and medicine, thanks to the CCSS Machine and ‘laws’ like ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act.

Ripple is also giving big bucks to our educational systems.

In 2018, $29 million of Ripple’s cryptocurrency was given to teachers in all 50 States.
Also in 2018, Ripple gave $105 million toward promoting STEM based education. (STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math and is a United Nations tool as an education change agent for our planet.)
Earlier this year, Ripple gave $25 million dollars to a CA University for education in financial industries.

Eyes On DC:

Warriors, while one part of the CCSS Machine is busy in DC undermining education, other parts are undermining our data safety. Missouri Education Watchdog sounded the alarm about the proposed changes to COPPA which would open Pandora’s box to our data being compromised six ways to Sunday, so to speak.
The different federal agencies in charge of many of the public health care system are finding ways to change infrastructure in America to ‘streamline data faster’ almost daily.

A few days ago, this article, exposing global taxation (which will definitely impact education in the US), was published. While the article won’t mention education, consider how the UN, G20, the US Government, and others have all ruined education and turned it into a workforce grooming systematic conveyor belt.


Warriors, my thanks to Carol, Alison, Cheri, and the countless others who are working together so we can all be proactive in fighting back. My thanks to you, my followers, for sharing all this, so that everyday Moms, Dads, and, taxpayers can be armed with truth. This is our reality, my friends. It’s a mean and scary one. However, it doesn’t have to be our legacy, unless we do nothing.

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