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Anti Fed Ed Wariors, ‘learn to earn’ sort of sounds much less agressive and truthful than ‘womb to tomb workforce training’. Yet that’s precisely WHAT ‘learn to earn’ is.

Did you know the NGA (National Governors Association) owns half of the copyrights to CCSS (Common Core State Standards)? Sure, we’ve been told and assured by many in the CCSS Machine that CCSS is ‘dead’, yet, we know it lives on in 2020.

That’s right, and in this campaign season many may try to convince you that while CCSS is ‘dead’, this job focused, skill based education is the way to go for a great 2020 and beyond.

So, what does the NGA have to do with elections? Plenty! Their agenda is centered on one thing:

                                     Work Based Learning and Youth Apprenticeships

Why does it matter where your candidate of choice stands on these? Because IF your candidate is already in the Governor’s office, he/she has been indoctrinated by the NGA. If your candidate is against the CCSS Machine, they too will be swamped with CCSS Machine agenda to join in.

After all, the State’s economy is at stake. If you doubt this, go back and look at the money trails connected to your candidate of choice.
Then, factor in that every newly elected Governor has to go to the NGA for grooming. Returning Governors also attend to help ‘mentor’ the ‘new kids’.

NGA’s ‘New’ Agenda For 2020 And Beyond:

Warriors, from this January 2020 press release, you’ll see that 6 States were chosen as ‘mentors’ for all other States/Territories. The 6 are: AL, NV, NC, RI, UT, and WA. I encourage to read the comments of the 6 Governors in the press release. Also, note that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math) has been a priority of the NGA for quite some time.

Why would I point out STEM? The NGA has a global outreach for the States/Territories. As we know, STEM is the UN (United Nations) door to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The SDGs are also woven into the USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada Agreement), so each State/Territory will kowtow to ALL the SDGs.

It’s important We the People demand our States/Territories nullify the USMCA! Especially knowing the NGA has such a stranglehold of power over each Governor!

Warriors, also in the Jan. 2020 press release was the mention of the “Work Based Learning Policy Academy”.
It’s important to point out that policy is NOT law, but an interpretation of the law. As we’ve seen in the CCSS Machine’s standard operating procedures, policy has overtaken law.

NGA’s Work Based Learning Policy Academy:

Warriors, it’s here you’ll find all kinds of ‘feel good’ evidence for why each State/Territory should embed workforce based preparation into their government.

A NGA led national initiative has begun (as a result of the MT Governor’s leadership). That initiative? “Good Jobs for All Americans”. There’s even a Governor’s Action Guide.

Also, From Jan. 2020 And The NGA:
From this NGA white paper on ‘scaling work/skill based education’, a quote:
“Governors can create supportive environments for talent pipeline partners to develop, strengthen and
increase the number of high-quality work-based learning opportunities by embedding work-based
learning approaches into state education and workforce systems.”


Warriors, be sure to read the entire report. It’s ghastly. In this particular report, you can find how NC Gov. Cooper helped launch “Navigator” to align businesses and education. It’s a project that was based on a long standing foundation by other former NC governors and their cabinets to embed workforce based learning, particularly using STEM and CTE. How far back? At least 1995 with Apprenticeship 2000!

You’ll also see a lot from KY, MD, and CO. You can also see the Swiss Model for workforce based education on page 9. The Swiss Model is centered on VTE (Vocational Training Education). I wrote about the German Model back in 2019 and featured the VTE Resource. 

Related Resources:

1) To see the NGA complete partner list, visit here. Then, consider the States/Territories these corporations are based in or operate through. Think of the economics of these States/Territories.

2) NGA maintains five standing committees – Economic Development and Commerce; Education, Early Childhood and Workforce; Health and Human Services; Homeland Security and Public Safety and Natural Resources (source)

3)NGA is the premier resource for not only governors but also for their cabinet members, the U.S. Congress, private business enterprise and the international community.” (source)

4) ICYMI, back in 2019 I showed you how data and demographics were being used in KS to keep students pinned down to certain locations to fill jobs. If you look at the CCSS Machine efforts to expand this nationwide, it’s fitting right into place with the UN’s regionalism as well as (Every Student Succeeds Act) ESSA’s region specific ‘education’ mandates.

It’s important to note that Business RoundTable is a big backer of this. If you remember, BR also fully supported CCSS. They are also mentioned in a NGA white paper on how governors can embed workforce learning into education.

5) In this NGA 2019 Webinar slide show, look at how Governors were prompted to ‘leverage’ CTE  (Career Tech Education) funding to create workforce pipelines.



Warriors, do you see the pattern? It’s a monopoly using our citizens to feed the CCSS Machine’s global workforce plot. The States/Territories are the playing board. We have to keep all this in mind as we go to the voting booths for early voting, election day voting, and visiting campaigns. As we know, ALL political parties are supportive of workforce based education. Our current President and his Administration included. Go back and read my articles on the FY 2021 Budget Requests. You’ll see plenty of support from the federal ‘community chest’ to the States and Territories.

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