Educratic Future: 2020 And Beyond

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, my challenge to you, as seen in the ‘snippet’ for today’s article is this: If we’re still focusing on the ‘red vs blue’ (Republican vs Democrat) when it comes to education, we’re having the WRONG focus. Especially in our conversations.

How can I say this in 2020, with the possibility that either Pres. Trump gets four more years or we get a sold out Vice President? That’s precisely WHY! Both of these politicans are COMPLETELY wrong when it comes to education..especially at the federal level.

Biden was a educratic puppet under Obama. In the years since he left the White House, Biden’s agenda has been growing and he’s been groomed to be yet another puppet for the CCSS Machine. Biden was given the task to increase the P3 (public-private partnership) presence in education from a federal level, especially in workforce based education.
Back in 2014, Biden’s phrase of ‘learn quicker to earn quicker’, greased a lot of CCSS Machine wheels.
Fast forward to a recent interview he gave (more on that, below), and he’s chanting that 12 years of education isn’t enough! America needs a better return on investment.

Trump, on the other hand, has had 4 years to fulfill his promises concerning education and has broken each one of them. Only to be a CCSS Machine puppet to increase cradle to grave, workforce based education. He’s increased the amount of globalism in America, not stopped it.

In his former campaign he promised to end the massive student data raping collection of private information. His signing of FEPA (Foundations for Evidence Based Policy Making) opened the educratic doors of THAT billions of dollars industry even more!
He promised to end Common Core, but has only entrenced in deeper into America under Executive Orders for more CTE (Career Tech Education) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and,Math). Signed into law unconstitutional acts for increased federal footprints in education like the Strengthening CTE for the 21st Century Act; the USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada Agreement), the laws for 5G implementation, and, more recently the back door mega billions in education at all levels in the name of COVID-19 relief. This doesn’t even cover the current Adminstration’s dog and pony show on ‘school choice’ scholarships to the tune of $5 billion dollars (a key 2020 platform).

   Some Red Vs Blue Common Statements/Platforms:
1) increase education and job alignment for the future national economy
2) student debt must be wiped out or absorbed by any one but the debt holder
3) federal dollars will give you freedom
4) education is key to American’s global competition
5) college has to be more affordable
6) infrastructure changes to embrace 5G’s capability to provide education access to all

Warriors, these are not the only carbon copy statements by BOTH Pres. Trump and VP Biden. These statements and MORE have been spoken by EVERY 2020 Presidential candidate! My 2019 five part series exposing this warned the nation then. Have we woken up? It doesn’t appear the case at all.

In Part One of the Prudence Files, I urged us, as a Anti Fed Ed group, to make education the #1 priority in choosing a president. At that point, it was #6. With the COVID-19 debacle, education’s somewhat changed from the sixth position, but not really. (*Note: if you’re concerned about education being local, here’s your opportunity to step it up in 2020 and beyond!)

In Part Two, I updated you on what VP Biden has been up to, as far as educational views. (*Note: If you’re concerned about too much sexuality in education in schools, after school programs, and, your community, here’s your opportunity for 2020 and beyond!)

Part 3 showed the real truth about Pres. Trump’s plans for’education’. If you think it’s all about American greatness, please read this (one of my latest articles). (*Note: if you really want to fight socialism already in place, here’s your opportunity for 2020 and beyond!)

Biden’s Endorsements:

Warriors, the NEA (National Education Assoc.) and the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) are endorsing VP Biden. While that’s totally predictable (both are CCSS Machine members, as well as UN (United Nations) aligned. The recent interview between the former VP and NEA’s President should help spur you on in making education a key issue IN every aspect!
Here’s the link to the almost 30 minute ‘chat’. It’s well scripted, Biden repeats himself 3 and 4 times (to drive home agenda points).

Listen for ‘universal education’ (a phrase used with ESSA , Every Student Succeeds Act by BOTH Republicans and Democrats); competitive community schools; no federal funds for private charter schools (suggests those become specialized for arts); tripe Title 1 funds (from $15 billion to $45 billion) for more wrap around services; free community college for EVERY American; fully funded IDEA programs (has he not noticed the recent COVID-19 aid packages?). There are also a few comments made which can be questionable, as far as taste. For example, Biden believes his Adminstration will attract more people of color into teaching, especially when they are paid well.

Warriors, contrast those with Proposed FY 2021 Budget Requests by President Trump. We need to note that these requests haven’t been approved by Congress, due to COVID-19 events.

For education, Trump wants to spend $66.6 billion for CTE, STEM, apprenticeships, and, all that connects them. These especially will tie to the USMCA in jobs and the economy. These items put Ivanka’s Workforce Council at a national level into full ‘play mode’.

NEITHER Candidate appears to be concerned with academics..only government controlled work and economy! Both have no plans to end the U. S. Dept. of Education. Both candidates have no problem with big corporations overreaching into our classrooms.

Talk The Talk, Warriors:

So, what conversations SHOULD we be having? First, it should be that our focus is on protecing our families. Then, it should be on putting a halt to the unconstitional tyranny we’ve allowed President after President to slide by with.
We should be looking beyond the ‘unibrow’ politics of simply ‘red vs blue’. This disserves us ALL.
We should be talking about how the federal government is risking our election process. We’re in April 2020 and the FY 2021 Presidential budget requests haven’t been approved. So, in our conversations, what does this mean? That all the current President’s pet projects become less funded? How does this further harm the economy? Does this mean a constitutional right has been upended, yet again?
Can we use this knowledge as an opportunity to rid taxpayers of paying for all the unconstitutional federal agencies? How can we influence Congress to represent these wishes? Can we begin the processes to properly shut down these federal agencies NOT written into our U.S. Constitution?
REMEMBER, this is an election year and so far we’re seeing big moves to forever change America in harmful ways.


What appears to have happened, in the race for President, as it stands RIGHT NOW, we’d rather choose sides than choose liberty.
If ever we needed to choose liberty, it’s right now in 2020 to have it in the years ahead. Neither the red side nor the blue side is choosing liberty. They have taken the path of conformity to globalism and are stopping an nothing to drag us with them. Will we bow to the conformity, or seriously fight for liberty?

Why does electing a President matter in educational issues? Because those also sold out to the CCSS Machine at the State and local levels will follow their chosen one, NOT We the PEOPLE!

Are we really going to overlook the unconstitutional tyranny we are living out? Can we truly look at our children and say, “Sorry, I’m just not sick enough of treason to stop it.”? Dear God, above, I hope not!


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