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Would You Believe It Wednesday
One of the announced guests at the July 2015 NC ASRC meeting.
One of the announced guests at the July 2015 NC ASRC meeting.

Anti CC Warriors in NC or who are watching NC’s Academic Standards Review Committee from across the nation will find what I’m about to share worth noting. Since NC’s Repeal CC Law has been reduced down to a ‘review’ task, I’ve watched as other states have formed CCSS ‘review’ teams as well.
(*Note: many news sources swept up the replace/repeal law back in 2014. Here’s just one example; see: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2014/07/17/north-carolina-governor-to-sign-bill-to-replace-common-core-standards/ )

To see what the NC Academic Standards Review Committee is charged with (maybe your state’s review committee is fashioned in a similar way), see:

So Why Am I Bringing Up Old News?:

I’m bringing this up because, as I tweeted from Raleigh on Monday at the most recent ASRC meeting, July’s guests will be from the NC business community. Here’s the screen shot below:

Talk about a subjective group to appear before an 'independent' review committee....
Talk about a subjective group to appear before an ‘independent’ review committee….

By knowing ahead of time just how stacked in favor of CCSS July’s Academic Standards Review Committee is in for, is huge for us warriors! Why? It’s been well documented (by other anti CC warriors, myself included, that our state Chambers of Commerce are a part of the CCSS Machine!) If you’ve not seen any of these types of articles, here’s an excerpt from one of mine specifically about the NC Chamber:

When tax payer funded education comes from somewhere OTHER than your state’s Dept. of Education:

Here in NC, everyone wants in on the educational direction our students take. We have the Dept. of Commerce firmly involved, we have the NC Chamber of Commerce foaming at the mouth to put their money’s worth in, private corporations have become education’s pimp. All the while, the most of the politicians smile and tell you how ‘great’it is!

From what I gathered at the ‘learning summit’ I attended, it is clear: money is to be had by anyone involved. Money buys a place at the education table, money is waving in front of the student as an worthy aspiration in life. What happened to letting a student live a little?” (the entire article: https://www.commoncorediva.com/2014/10/09/tech-thursday-ncs-workforce-despicable-moves/)

NC Chamber’s Push:

My anti CCSS warrior friend, LadyLiberty1885 wrote back in March 2015 how the NC Chamber of Commerce was pushing the NC ASRC to re-brand CCSS, much like the re-branding of CCSS efforts in FL. (see: http://ladyliberty1885.com/2015/03/12/foia-nc-chamber-pushing-asrc-to-consider-rebrands-like-florida/)
*Note: be sure to notice the graphic to your right in her article about the threats the NC Chamber was giving the NC legislative members over HB1061, which was the stronger version of the Repeal CCSS in NC bill.)

So, What’s an Anti CCSS Warrior to Do?:

With just over 1 month until this seemingly pro CCSS parade marches before the Academic Standards group, we can do plenty! We can attend, we can listen in, we can object, we can do what we do best: inform others! What message would you like to send those who are hell-bent on aligning education to the CCSS agenda of global economy, worker citizens, and the like? Warriors, the CCSS Machine is churning out lie after lie to block our students progress as individuals and regroup them into a common people. Want to stop the Machine? Create a massive roadblock! Remember, many states are facing similar issues as we are, here in NC. There’s a lot to glean from our citizens in this fight.

We know the problem: businesses impeding in education. We CAN be a part of the roadblock they face!
We know the problem: businesses impeding in education. We CAN be a part of the roadblock they face!

(McCrory jpeg is courtesy of LadyLiberty1885)

7 thoughts on “WYBI: NC Businesses and Common Core

  1. CCSS is designed to prepare serfs, and it does even that badly. While throwing around such hackneyed phrases as “prepare to compete in a global economy” and “prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist,” the C of C ignore some basic facts.

    Before CCSS and so many years of liberal interference in our economy, we WERE the most dynamic force in world economy, not China. And regardless of what jobs students have in the future that don’t even exist now, I’m pretty sure they will need to know how to read and understand what they read, write and orally communicate well, and do mathematics at least as well as educated people did 50 years ago. Those are basic skills. CCSS do not enable an educational system that prepares children to read, write, and do mathematics well.

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