iNACOL Comes to Home Education?!

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onlinehsccssEspecially for the anti CCSS Warriors who have chosen home education as a way to escape the CCSS Machine. If you don’t home educate, then this news can be of use to you as well in seeing just how far overreaching the P3s (public private partnerships) have become.

With the passage of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act),  P3 involvement will only increase!

According to the ESSA Final Conference Report (1,059 pages), p. 137 states that LEAs (Local Education Agencies) will determine when students are ready to transition from one grade group to the next (especially to high school) with the help of P3s and other stakeholders in education. Page 780 explains that certain partnerships must be in place to satisfy dual and/or concurrent enrollment programs. If you would like to see some other snares for private and/or home school students in the ESSA, please refer to my previous article:

P3s will also come into our homes, thanks to the  ESSA via the IES (Institute of Education Sciences)mandated assessment. The assessment is part of the technology infrastructure (computer access for on-line learning resources) portion of the Law.

P3s will most definitely be on hand to break down any barriers to why students are not as connected to the on-line resources at home (or anywhere else) as they are at school. This will certainly impact the most rural of homeschools. Section 9210 (Pages 934 and following) lay out the  “Report on Student Home Access to Digital Learning Resources”. If you missed the article I wrote about this, it is very important news! Go back and find out what is being planned to take place BEFORE July 2017! See:

iNACOL in Our Homes Before ESSA:

First off, iNACOL (the International Association for K-12 On-line Learning), iNACOL is managed by MetisNet (a group which works with non profits, as well as other kinds to promote the ‘greater good’ and help change society). iNACOL is also tied into a community alignment organization known as KnowledgeWorks. Both these organizations are prime examples of the P3s overreaching into our lives and will continue to make bolder and bolder moves. (If you would like more information about the research which proves this: and

Up Close Look at My On-line High School:

When I first got the email containing the screen shot you see above, iNACOL was not apparent. It was only after digging a bit that I found the connection between and iNACOL.

But, wait, there are other connections to the CCSS Machine in this on-line,  homeschool option.  This is where the rest of this article will focus.

Warriors, those for the overreach in education are getting more stealthy in their moves, or so they think. As long as we are dedicated to researching every educational lead we get, we have the opportunity to expose that ‘stealthiness’.

A short breakdown of the hiding in plain sight clues in the screen shot.

1) My On-line School does NOT serve only high school age students, it serves elementary, middle, and special needs students as well. See their course list: MOSUS Course List 03112016
The President and CEO of U.S Global Education, Inc.(USGE) is proud to have this branch called ‘My On-line School’. USGE’s President is named Jim Gillen.
In his statement, he shares the on-line school is absolutely free, yet look at the screen shot above. You will see ‘affordable’, then see the $250.00 price tag. To see his statement: (*Note: look at his former country of residence, look at his previous education experience. Do you see the ties to aligned education? Do you recall recent article after article comparing US education to other nations? How we should redesign ours to fits theirs?!)

2)  Look for the ‘CTE’ initials under ‘Learn a Trade’. CTE, is short for Career Tech Education, the adult arm of Common Core!

3) Under ‘Student Centered Learning’, ‘AP Honor courses’..they have been aligned to the CCSS (Common Core State Standards)! Your student is guaranteed successful high school graduation IF they partner with a school outside your home, meaning outside your control.

4) Look at the ‘Prescriptive Courses’, ‘mastery’…an educratic buzzword for ‘competency’. iNACOL, as well as other CCSS Machine members LOVE competency based education. It shifts the focus from true academics to skill based learning. In other words, this means students do not learn all they can, they learn just enough to pass assessments.

5)  ‘Highly Qualified Instructors’, since it is an on-line school where others are teaching your child, and not you, how is this true home education? How do you know you can trust an aligned CCSS Company to truly vet said teachers? Those instructors? Most are public school teachers, or college professors. Have you been able to check out how they are tied to the CCSS Machine? My research has proven where you find one supportive CCSS Machine member, others are involved as well. Almost always, their work is subjective and in favor of alignment. Home education is supposed to be the exact opposite. Objective and freedom of choice! Included in the instructors? Educators from around the globe.

6) ‘Fully Supported On-line Experience’, this entire description smacks of Workforce based education. This is also where you will find iNACOL in its ‘sweet spot’.
To find other ties to CCSS, global education, workforce based learning, check out the FAQ page:

7) Where does  iNACOL comes into My On-line Schools? Here, in the screen shot, you can see for yourselves.
I have researched and written about iNACOL quite a bit, but so has my fellow anti CCSS Warrior, Emily Talmadge from Maine. Together, we have shared many resources about this globally intrusive pro CCSS Machine member. I encourage you to find her articles on her blog:

Before I leave you today, I have one question for those who home educate. See the screen shot below.
To access the iNACOL ‘Access and Equity in Online Classes and Virtual Schools’ (which applies to EVERY educational choice): iNACOL_AccessEquity_2007

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