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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, this is the 3rd installment of my most recent look at the 116th Congressional session and their educratic BS. The first look (“Things to Come”) laid out for you what you can expect from candidates vying for your votes in 2020, as well as action steps to make education (from our viewpoint) a platform issue. In the second article (“The Show Goes Forth”) was in-depth review of the most recent Laws and Bills to come out of the 116th Congressional session.

For the final installment, I’ll show you the last few Bills waiting to become Law and what will become of us, if they do become Laws.

Before I get to those, take a look at the above image. That’s one from 2017 that was featured in a 4 part video series I was honored to be a panel member for. Freedom Project Media produced and filmed this series. Here we are 3 years later and you can see just how close we are to being fully embraced by the UN’s Global Workforce Development. As I’ve said before, the last link in the chain to bind us ALL up, is the re-authorization of the HEA (Higher Education Act of 1965). The HEA is most definitely on the altar of the 116th’s Congressional sacrifice of our nation!

Meet HR 1930, The States’ Reclamation Act:

Warriors, if we didn’t know better, we look at this title alone and say Hallelujah!” However, as we’ve learned, you have to read the fine print of ANY Congressional Bill or study connected to any Bill. What’s ‘interesting’ about HR 1930 is it’s a recycled Bill from the 115th Congressional Session.

It’s got the same name, the same sponsor, and, the same language! While HR 1510 went basically nowhere, Rep. Rouzer (NC) has trotted this Bill back out in the 116th. The current Bill number (HR 1930) is in the House’s Ed and Labor Committee. Will it be trotted out to be voted on by the entire House this time? It’s possible! 
What will HR 1930 accomplish to ‘give’ the States back their rights to reclaim education?!

Well, sure, there’s eliminate the U.S. Dept. of Education, HOWEVER, it scatters the Dept. across several OTHER unconstitutional federal agencies! In the opening lines of HR 1930 it’s stated that federalism isn’t being honored. There are some other really good truths in the next few lines, But whatever truth HR 1930 gives, it totally contradicts in the remaining pages!
The Bill goes on to be totally inconsistent by spreading ED over these other unconstitutional agencies! So, Rep. Rouzer’s Bill is claiming that elimination wipes away the egregiousness, yet it’ll be okay and somehow Constitutional to divide the Education up.

How does this logic work?! U.S. Dept. of Labor (also not honoring the Constitution) would get ALL of the CTE (Career Tech Education) programs for preK to adult.
The U.S. Treasury (also unconstitutional) will get ALL student loans and have authority to award States federal grants for education. The U.S. Dept. of Health/Human Services (HHS) will get ALL IDEA funds and programs. Education for Native Americans would be under the U.S. Dept. of the Interior (“Indian Education” as it’s now referred to is also under the Interior, in a separate agency called the BIE, Bureau of Indian Education). The U.S. Dept. of the Interior is unconstitutional, too! any student related ‘impact aid’ would go to the U.S. Dept. of Defense, the IES (Institute of Education Sciences, aka the data mining arm of ED) would go the the HHS. According to some of the language in HR 1930, “STATE” is defined by the HEA, Higher Education Act’s Section 103 (look on page 21), not the U.S. Constitution!

So, you take a federal education law (unconstitutional) to shut down ED, but the unconstitutional laws aren’t supposed to be honored by Americans in the first place!

HR 1930 also requires that the States must comply with the federal mandate for audits concerning education, as well as punishments if audits are not conducted in certain parameters laid out by the federal government! Warriors, based on the image below concerning Federalism, if you use it as a plumb line, all that falls in the ‘shared’ portion has become a bully pulpit from the federal government used to control the States! That’s a partnership, alright, but it’s a toxic one for sure!!

HR 1485, The Computer Science For All Act:

Warriors, this Bill is a clear citizen controlling one. How so? Based on the assumption that our 21st Century economy doesn’t have enough computer literate people, especially our preK to 12th graders, we must all be required to live, breath, eat, sleep, teach, and learn computer science. HR 1485 is only 12 pages long, but is steeped in pure UN (United Nations led) agenda. How? STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math) and STEAM (same as STEM, but add ‘the Arts’)  will be the biggest tools used against all Americans to fill the ‘shortage’ of skilled labor.

Before you think my tin foil hat is a bit too tight, remember, I’ve given tons of credible research and documents proving the UN created STEM/STEAM and its goal to totally transform America as a STEM people, with a STEM economy using STEM jobs for a STEM economy to contribute to the greater global good. HR 1485 all but places a computer in each of our hands. We also need to remember that the first initiative for Computer Science for All (CSA) came under Pres. Obama. When he signed ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) into law (unconstitutional), CSA was codified as part of the mandates. Our current President is in full support of expanding STEM in America.

What HR 1485 leaves out, is that it can be tied to the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada) Agreement (USMCA takes the place of NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement)!
I wrote about this back in 2019 and connected HR 1485 to several other Congressional Bills with similar agenda points/impacts for every one of us.

Look for more regionalism in education (UN’s idea), more nationally controlled education activities like ‘technical assistance’ from the government, nationally assessing us on computer literacy, and using P3s (public private partnerships) to pull it off.

The Federal Government Expands:

Warriors, the last two sets of ‘twin’ Bills I have for you are whoppers for sure! As you may know, ‘twin’ Bills in our Congress means that both versions are carbon copies of each other. Usually, this means that one way or another, the content of the bills will get through the entire process to become law, unless both versions ‘die’.

The first set, HR 2349/S 477 (which was featured in this 2019 article jam packed with vital information we can use in 2020), will mandate climate change education for our entire nation. I kid you, not. They seek to groom present school children for implementing climate change laws, policies, and community activities. That’s about 3 million students, Warriors.

Of course, since the climate education must be cradle to grave, this means that colleges, too, mus the help those older Americans get behind climate change as well. HR 2349/S477 will make sure we ALL have formal and informal education opportunities and activities with interdisciplinary methods. ‘Green jobs’ will be used for a ‘green economy’. Non-profits and P3s will also be used to help ‘properly’ assimilate ALL Americans for climate change, climate adaptation, climate mitigation, climate resilience, and climate systems in our American economy. environment, energy, and socially. In charge of all this will be NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration). Expect every bit of the curriculum NOAA creates to be aligned to Common Core, College/Career Readiness, STEM, STEAM, NGS (Next Gen Science), and as much of the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as can possibly be inserted.

HR 1678/S 1879, Protect Our Universities Act. Warriors, by far and away, this pair is full of trouble. What trouble?
For starters, expanding the U.S. Dept. of Education. I should point out that these ‘twins’ are not exact copies, the Congressional findings listed from each Chamber have different bullet points. You need to read BOTH.

By ‘protecting’ our higher education universities where hospitals and sensitive research are conducted, HR 1678/S 1879 will use a Dept. of Ed Taskforce (full of federal government appointees) to ‘address foreign government influence and threats’.
Most targeted are Chinese Nationals. Other countries are listed as well, but the focus on China is troublesome. Why? So much of America is already in Chinese funded status. Our money and data monitoring is becoming more Chinese-like every day! (think the Chinese social credit system)
The other countries are Korea, Russia, and, Iran. Warriors, what if I’m from an unlisted country and mean harm to America in some way or want to steal research?

HR 1678/S 1879 will use ED to partner with Defense, the Director of National Intelligence, Commerce, State Dept., and ED’s Inspector General. Every 6 months sensitive data related to the research projects at these universities will be shared. Foreign students from listed countries must be approved. (Again, what if I from another country, or, a disgruntled American?)

Warriors, is this really a education responsibility? This definitely sounds like, reads like, and appears like, total overreach of our agencies designed for securing our nation to meddle in education. I’m an not saying we shouldn’t be careful or protective in education, but these Bills are setting up some very dangerous parameters of control.

Warriors, I hope you are just as alarmed as I am. We should be. We should act on that alarm and hold our Congress members 1,000% accountable. Why are we passing unconstitutional and globally based legislation? Why are we willing to convert our nation to a UN minion? Why are we not more enraged that these things are happening?!
Use 2020 as a line in the sand!


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