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  1. While I appreciate your viewpoint, I would like to remind you that I did not, in any of my articles recently, ‘bash’ any certain group. I have not named names, nor do I plan to. Our battle shouldn’t be against each other, this is a War Against the CCSS Machine.
    When I took up my education activist hat it was to serve in honesty with truthful evidence. I was not seeking fame or glory. I was AND am still committed to this course. If you choose to not like the demise in education we are seeing, that is your choice. It is NOT my fault. If you choose to ignore the evidence, again, your choice; NOT my lie.
    In-fighting is exactly what I’ve been warning against, Mrs. Few. Working together is something I’ve suggested in each article, but no responses with the exception of accusations have been the result.
    My focus is doing what’s right because it is the right thing to do, not because it’s popular.

  2. I did not read any bashing of any person or group in this article. The only thing presented in this article are the facts about HR1510 (which shuts down the department and moves all functions to other departments) and HR899 (a one sentence bill to shut down the department). Should have also included HR610(repeal ESEA and create a federal voucher system). HR899 if passed will end up being a conglomeration of HR1510 and HR610. Nothing happens in DC for the benefit of our children even when a good man like Rep. Massie and the good intentions of patriots is behind it. They will chew him up and spit him out. Do we really think the movers and shakers that are making billions from education are really going to sit still for closing the department? The only way they would do that is with a guarantee that the money and control continues to roll from DC to them. I wish anyone that is fighting against the system all the best of luck. But having a differing opinion is not bashing. It is just that, a differing opinion. This attack on Ms. Taylor is the typical reaction of someone that feels threatened and has no better defense than to attack. What is taking place in education today is not an American driven agenda it is global. It is the agenda to change the culture of Americans and citizens all around the world to a Communist world view. Ms. Taylor did not say to roll back ESSA she said it should be repealed. Rolling back ESSA will not revert us back to NCLB. There is plan to do this without rolling back the hands of time. In the meantime I think it would behoove us all to do whatever we can to get our children off the battlefield why we all work to do whatever we can to one day bring about change. But this battle will be a long one. Most of us have already spent many years fighting the destruction of education and the indoctrination of our children. The more people working this issue the better. We may not succeed but we are by hell going to fight and try. In the meantime, I highly recommend any parent than can please get your kids out of the public school system. It is time to STARVE THE BEAST. I believe a lot more parents could make this happen if they just re-prioritized what is important. A new cell phone, $100 sneakers, new car, big house, vacations or making temporary sacrifices for your child’s future freedom and liberty.

  3. All I know is…. “blowing out someone else”s candle doesn’t make your candle shine brighter.” Please ladies let’s work together, lift each other up and encourage all efforts in fighting the good fight!

  4. Read Vicki Alger’s book: Failure: The Misedukation of America’s Children (mis-spelling intentional), especially the Chapter on Abolishing the Federal Department Brick-by-Brick and then let’s have a discussion. I agree that the programs overseen by FED ED should NOT be moved to other departments except for the 4 mentioned by Dr. Alger. However, ESSA has no teach when there is no FED ED. FED ED supports about 9% of education costs, but controls 100%. Get rid of FED ED and you get rid of their meddling in IDEA which can be handled much more effectively, efficiently, and morally by states. Get rid of FED ED and every state can get rid of CCSS if they wish. Once you get rid of FED ED you can take the fight to state Depts of Ed and actual legislators that YOU do have control over. GOAL: Return control of education to parents and local communities. FIRST STEP to acheive goal: Abolish the Federal Department of Education and return the money to the taxpayers! Thank you for your consideration.

  5. “My focus is doing what’s right because it is the right thing to do, not because it’s popular” 💯 percent agree. Thank you for this information. I left public school in 2021 and opened a Homeschool Pod. Guessing school choice vouchers are deceptive? Guess we will have to fundraise to help parents pay tuition. Although, I could charge much more (3 degrees & over 23 years experience), I whole heartedly agree with your thinking. I also am doing it because it is right~ not because it is popular. Go Warrior!

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