“For Adults Only?”

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Author’s Note: This in-depth article is not meant to be quickly read and dismissed. Please, take a couple of days to really digest all the resources included. Then, consider all that is happening in America. It all connects.

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, we’ve heard, for years, now, that education for our children is ‘cradle to grave’. We’ve even seen how the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) has used the term ‘human capital’ in conjunction with ‘lifelong learning’. If you’ve followed my blog since its beginning (2014), you’ll know I’ve given you credible evidence that the CCSS Machine is NOT simply for K-12th public education. Nor, it is meant to END at high school! Below, is an image from a 2016 article I published on the (then) news of the U.S. Dept. of Education announcing that an increase in adult public charter schools would be visible by 2020.

Well, we’re almost at the end of 2020 and has there been an increase in adult public charter schools? What about adult or family charters? (Yes, family charters are in the works for the USA.) We’ll answer these questions in a bit, my friends.

Warriors, also from that 2016 article, this checklist for those setting legislation and/or policy to increase adult public charters.

No, sadly, the CCSS Machine has set its sight on EVERY age group, when it comes to learning. Think it’s for academics? Nope, I’ve shown you how the U.S. Dept. of Education, among others in the ‘system’ target senior citizens, displaced or out of work adults, our veterans, and everyone else for ‘adult education’ aka ‘skill based learning’.

Below, is an image from a March 2017 article I wrote exposing the shifting of education for adults using digital textbooks and ‘free’ funds to go back to school. As I pointed out then, the UN’s (United Nations) master plan for aligning education to jobs had no age limit! Warriors, it’s only been broadened since the publication of that article!

What new Sr citizen incentives has our U.S. Government put into place? We’ll answer this in just a bit, as well.

Some Answers:

Warriors, when I first researched the Adult Charters, there were about 2 of them. Now, in 2020, there are many others. Most of these are in DC. I’ve also found some in CA. The ones in DC are under the authority of the DC Public Charter School Board. The ones in CA are under the authority of a Public Non-Profit Benefit Corporation called New Opportunities Organization.

I wanted to point out that the research and published article I shared above, from 2016 was written in December. In September 2017, the Capital Research Center cross-posted an article about the rise of adult charters and their success in closing the adult education ‘gap’. All the adult charters, at that time were in DC.

Why is that worth bringing up? Because DC public schools are funded by We the People under a special Congressional law made back in 1995 (DC School Reform Act). The DC school system is extremely dependent on the rest of the nation. Why? Because it’s not a State, but, a District. (The Act gave DC Public Schools $660 million. Today, the DC Schools get $918 million).

What’s also interesting, is that the CRC, as they like to be called, is a ‘fiercely independent’ watchdog group. According to their website, they receive NO government funds and seek to expose ANY group undermining the nation. It’s also stated that they are Constitutionally-minded, believe in the free market system, and, protecting individual liberty. The CRC article also praises former President George W. Bush for his great work in education reform.

Why is this interesting? If you look at the Trustees and Advisory Board, several groups from the CCSS Machine are present! Which ones? Hillsdale College (huge backer of charter schools and tied to Betsy DeVos), The Hoover Institute (backs KIPP schools), Heritage Foundation (huge backer of ‘school choice’/Ed Freedom Savings Accts), and, FREE (Foundation for Research on Economics and Environment & charter school supporters). Wait, Lynne, those are conservative groups, aren’t they? Yes, however, the CCSS Machine is full of conservatives AND liberals.

Back in October of this year, I gave you a short video on the fascist nature of charter schools (begin about the 1 minute mark and stop at 6:10). Warriors, most people assume charters are just for kids, so how much of the millions brought up in this video are earmarked for adults?
I’m seeking an answer to this very question. As ‘straightforward’ as the U.S. Dept. of Education is about funds for K-12th grade charters, you’d think the Dept. would mirror this is adult education. Not so, so far, I’ve found no direct dollar figures. I’ve found that the funds are split between literacy, job skills, parents with child care (so the parents can attend school), and, apprenticeships. The special interest lobbying group of AARP, published an article about Srs. getting incentives for going back to college. In that 2019 article, you’ll see a link to another article. In that second one, note that AARP members can receive ‘incentives’ for college. (*(Note: AARP is not a trustworthy group, in the link above, you can see the lobbying group is powerful and represents Big Insurance moreso than Seniors.)

According to Kiplinger.com, all 50 States offer free or low cost college for Seniors. Look at the strings attached, though. As has been pointed out in K-12th grade education, there is NO ‘free’ education. Taxpayers foot the ‘free’ schooling at ALL age levels!

So, since the OECD defined ‘lifelong learning’, what do they say about adult education? For starters, the age group to define ‘adults’ is 25-64. From there, it’s broken down by gender and one of 3 levels of education. America has a 42% success rate in this area. Here’s a quote from OECD,
The OECD’s work on education helps individuals and nations to identify and develop the knowledge and skills that drive better jobs and better lives, generate prosperity and promote social inclusion.”

If you go to the OECD’s Adult Education website, you’ll see PIAAC (Programme for International Assessment of Adult Competencies). Warriors, it’s a grown up version of the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tests given to K-12th graders. In America, the NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) is tied to the PISA. For adults in America, the NAAL (National Assessment for Adult Literacy) is tied to the PIAA.

From Charlotte Iserbyt:

I reached out to the former U.S. Dept. of Ed legend for her understanding on this topic, Warriors. She emailed me back that she did remember hearing about adult charters during her time in DC at ED. President Reagan and Russia’s Gorbachev also signed a polytechnic education agreement cementing adult education in the form of charters.

In this recent interview, Charlotte tells you that the 1940s U.S. Chambers of Commerce and businesses plan was to enforce K-80 (meaning kindergarten through age 80) trained workforce citizens, not academically gifted citizens! (time stamp 26:30-28:07) The host mentions the US-Russia agreement during the 7:19 to 9:01 time stamp. Charlotte also revealed that she knew Marc Tucker then (and how he has since that time, gone on to implement as much as he can, the workforce chains from birth to death). Listen near the 24 minute mark for all that Mrs. Iserbyt learned about the US/USSR agreement and what it really meant/means for education. (Hint: the increase in charter schools is no accident. ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act mandated an increase in them.) Listen near this time stamp for ‘quota system’ of skill based jobs, totalitarian economy, and, regional government. In a nutshell, total Communism.

If you’re not sure how the Polytechnical Education Agreement (ties to the Carnegie Foundation, a well known CCSS Machine member group) works, I made a visual to explain how Tucker took important parts of the Agreement and has put it into play in the USA.

This Reagan archived document (Sept. 1989) excerpt:
” The United States of America and the Union of the soviet Socialist Republics signed a new General Exchanges Agreement in Geneva marking the resumption of official academic, cultural, and performing artist exchanges between the two countries for the first time since 1979. This Agreement, signed by Secretary of State Shultz and Soviet Foreign Minister Shevardnadze, authorizes projects in education, the performing arts, exhibits, television and film, professional, and citizen exchange.” (*Note: From the Reagan Library website, this glowing summary of the ‘good’ to be experienced in the US as a results of these agreements being entered into. Climate change was also among the topics.)

From Charlotte’s blog, this 2014 entry details how the 2 agreements ( the Polytech and the one I linked above about culture) worked (still are working) together to bring about the shift in education (and our entire nation’s infrastructure) to communism.

Warriors, it was called Edu-Gate, back in 1987 and was bigger than the Iran Contra ‘disaster’ and Watergate put together!
This archived Google Document/book gives great insight and detail into the evidence Charlotte uncovered. Notice how it was at the time of Eisenhower’s time in office, that the real collusion in education for skill based lifelong communistic plans began. Notice how both the Carnegie Foundation AND the Heritage Foundation helped back every bit of this! (Mainly pages 33, 84, and, 85)


Warriors, as Charlotte has stated, ‘We’ve been had!’ However, as long as we sit back and do nothing, that’s precisely right. This shift to grab parents and grandparents as workforce minions will continue. Both the Rs and Ds support this! It’s up to us, WE the People (or should it be ‘We the Enemies of the State’?), to raise the awareness and strike back!


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