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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, in case you didn’t hear, late last week, the Harvard Anti Homeschooling Summit set for June 2020 was cancelled. We’ll cover why homeschoolers are still not out of harm’s way, in this article. (*Note: due to the twisted and voluminous connections, what follows is an in-depth report for your War Vs the Core.)

The first look is from the very supposed protectors of home education; then, from the U.S. Dept. of Ed’s latest COVID-19 financial hand outs and how they play right into the hands of the UN (United Nations).

While the cancellation of the anti homeschool summit is somewhat of a victory; largely due to the wonderful amount of backlash from so many angles and Warriors; it doesn’t mean the attacks on homeschooling will stop. 


In my archived article titled Disregarding Orders, I shared with you how over 1/2 of the USA has laws capable of charging parents with a crime, carrying a fine, or, EVEN removing your children from your home IF you are proven to be conducting educational abuse or failure to educate your children. What determines if a family can be impacted this horribly?! Government regulated standards in education! (Many States consider homeschools as private schools.)


If you misssed my last interview on Sons of Liberty, we discussed some of the betrayals coming at home education. From the federal government, but also, from the homeschool communty itself. Of course, that was Wednesday, a few days before the big news about Harvard cancelling hit the news wire.

Warriors, if you enlarged the screen shot above, you were able to see Corey DeAngelis. Did you notice that he’s in charge of ‘school choice’? Just hours before that tweet went out, Corey was part of a panel on the “Disinformation” stemming from the Harvard magazine article and supporting documents.
I had signed up for that webinar. To be honest, I didn’t stick around for the entire thing.

It horrified me how misguiding even THEY were to those listening. Worse yet, that webinar was recorded and will be played at a later date. With no rebuttal to smoke out their disinformation which was a poor attempt to correct Harvard’s misinformation!

Warriors, remember, these people are considered either an expert or a champion for homeschooling in the 21st Century.

What did I hear that clued me into how purposefully undermining home education these supposed advocates were?
Well, the biggest was ‘school choice’. As we well know, ALL education was aligned to the same ‘standards’, thanks to ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act).

I’ve even shared mountains of evidence with some of these ‘experts’ just in conversation. Rather than speak the real truth, each speaker shared educratic angles we’ve all heard before in the CCSS Machine. If they think ‘choice’ is still viable, it’s because they’ve bought into the very misinformation they claim to debunk. How? ESAs (Education Savings Accounts) aka: freedom scholarships, education vouchers, education tax credits. If you want the real truth of what data tracking and conformity ESAs bring, read this.

Warriors, it was also brought up to suggest that homeschoolers didn’t have the same access to job training as their public school counterparts. Are you kidding me?! Homeschoolers have precisely the SAME amount due to CTE (Career Tech Education) which is found in dual enrollment, especially in community colleges; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math) which is in 98% of everything in ‘free resources’ in the community. Apprenticeships and one-stop job centers also have CTE and STEM. There are even those pigeonhole assessments to slot homeschoolers just like public schools. Every one of these not only impacts homeschool students, BUT, is Common Core aligned! It’s been that way for almost 11 years!

Then there was speaker who seemed to suggest that if everyone homeschooled there’d be no bullying, abuse, suicide, or drug use. He left out teen pregancy, though. Somehow, magically, with the absence of all these negative things, mental health and depression when homeschooled wouldn’t be an issue, either!

Warriors, do you have any idea how ridiculous this thought process is?! Yes, homeschool families have depression or mental health issues! Yes, homeschool families can experience sexual assualt, rape, unwanted pregnancies. Yes, homeschool families can have suicide and drugs. And, yes, abuse and bullying are in homeschools as well. Read the information, here.

WHY? Because we are humans! Regardless of what school you go to, all the good and bad things that go along with being alive will happen!

The CCSS Machine knows this and has been working overtime to make sure entire families are micromanaged for ‘positive outcomes’. If these ‘experts’ for home education have their way, they will actually be helping the CCSS Machine to do just that! Remember, the big “Resilience” movement going on in America? It’s part of the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) to bring about community wide wrap around service programs to ensure families are being productive conformists.

The very nature of true homeschooling is NOT conformity to the system, it’s freedom to educate in the way YOU see best works. 

This entire panel carried the theme that to somehow save your child from a toxic public education, you should homeschool. While that statement CAN be true, the way in which these panelists described HOW to homeschool in the 21st Century is NOT the real solution, it’s going to guide millions to a watered down version of homeschooling that largely aligns to the CCSS Machine.

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Real Homeschool Help/Resources:
1) How DeVos’s trillions of taxpayer dollars (to fight educational lapses during COVID-19) are used against the nation in the name of education and homeschool resources which pre-date Common Core, go here.
2) Just how much of an intrusion those wrap around service programs for mental health are & will increase to include more.
3) Mental health grabs for babies and families outside the traditional public school system? Yes!


DeVos’s Latest ‘Homeschool’ Strings:

Warriors, in late April 2020, Sec. DeVos sent out an email full of information of the latest round of COVID-19 education funds. So far, she’s been pretty busy writing out checks from the We the People bank account.

Below is most of what was in the email:

If you cannot read it, basically DeVos has more money to throw at the COVID-19 ’emergency’ in education:
not enough digital access to education.

As such, students are being deprived of learning. States would compete in the “Rethink K-12 Model School Grants”. Families, in those States awarded, will receive ‘mini grants’. The money is for on-line learning while at home. The CCSS Machine is calling it ‘homeschooling’, but it’s not.

School work while at home is NOT homeschooling! Also connect to the big bucks in the name of COVID-19 from the U.S. Dept. of Education is the “Reimaging Workforce Preparation Grants”. These funds go to States to provide short term jobs as a result. Why? To help boost the economy in COVID-19 times.

Warriors, does this sound familiar? Pres. Franklin Roosevelt also pulled off workforce jobs for the economy’s sake in his New Deal.

Directly from the U.S. Dept. of Education, you’ll find the $307.5 million dollars for these grants/micro-grants were included in the CARES Act. Read the fine print and you’ll see that the applications for either of the Grant programs won’t be available for about 2 weeks.

Let me pause right here to tell you that the 365, 24/7 digital access for anywhere, anytime educational resources was a mandate in ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) which also was a big part to why so much of our infrastructure has been changed. Infrastructure which both Republicans and Democrats fully support. Digital education is directly tied to the misinformation called ‘personalized learning’. Warriors, face it, aligned education to the same resources, standards, and, tests automatically wipes out all personalization.

The U.S. Dept. of Education’s lied about digital learning before, I’m sure this latest big check DeVos is issuing will be just as deceitful as all the others. If you’ve missed how all the digital tracking harms home education, go back and read this.

Greta Echoes DeVos:

Warriors, in the image above, you’ll see UNICEF (top left and top right). You should also see “Join Greta”.
Greta, that globalization child from Europe is using COVID-19 as a pulpit for not only climate change, but the children’s rights crisis stemming from the virus. Unlike DeVos who’s spending taxpayer dollars all over; Greta’s asking for your donations.

Watch the video to see how deprived children are of education right now because they have no access to online learning and digital resources.

However, Greta, just like DeVos, loves being a global citizen and wants you to be one too. DeVos has been in on globalism since her family’s Amway days. In fact, the UN (United Nations) loves the DeVos Family. The UN also loves the Trump family (mainly Ivanka). Ivanka and her dad, the President push workforce based education every opportunity they can get.

Am I picking on the Republicans? Hardly, at least every President in modern history has hawked that economy and jobs MUST have attachment to education.

President Obama gave the nation WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act). WIOA is the ‘law’ ESSA codified for workforce PreK to high school learning. (In the image below, enlarge it and notice I highlighted SDG #4 (red and is for Education for All), but then look at SDG #8 (hot pink that stands for Decent Work for All), notice how many are connected to each other.) 

How does all this connect to the UN? The SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals. SDGs are found in homeschooling materials as well. The UN has big roots in home education, as well. Especially in the so called ‘protective’ groups, like HSLDA.


Warriors, if you want an example of one of the ‘rethinking’ ways digital access and education could be, read this.
You’ll see not only the CCSS Machine, but the UN’s SDGs, as well. Let’s also remember that with digital, comes massive data tracking. DeVos’s family makes millions off student data.

If you suspect there’s more to the digital learning ploys in the name of COVID-19 relief, you are definitely on to the CCSS Machine’s trail. The UNESCO’s Report on Education and AI fits right into the current Adminstration’s quest for AI/5G, in ALL types of education. Several State level education ‘leaders’ and CCSS Machine members have a Blueprint for Back to School (after COVID-19). The goal? On-line education is the ONLY answer!


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