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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, the G7 (Group of 7 nations) just wrapped up their 2021 Summit in the UK. Maybe you’ve seen pictures or read a few articles about the meetings within the Summit. While ‘education’ was NOT a main topic, it was thrown into several of the meetings of various groups, as means to an end. That end? More UN (United Nations) adherence. Especially when it comes to skill based labor. WHY? So everyone can have a job!
The image you see below is an old one which came out not long after the agenda of the CCSS Machine revealed it was ditching academics for skill based education. In other words, educratic overeaches into our lives under the pretense of ‘educating’ us, but instead, prepping to enslave us.

“Build Back Better”:

No, Warriors, we’re not back on the campaign trail. This worn out and severely over-used phrase was the main theme for the recent G7 meeting. The ‘BBB’ as it’s referred to is actually from a 2015 UN meeting about disasters, NOT politics! It’s certainly not applicable in education. Below, is an image I made for one of my previously published articles on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and how the “Human Capital Police” would use education for workforce development, not academics or classical learning. (*Note: if you do not understand what human capital is, I’ve laid it out in the archived link for you.)

Warriors, I can tell you from looking at the main G7 website, as well as the groups and subgroups; education was NOT a top priority, at least as we know education. Even when the word was used, it was in relation to girls and women’s learning. The groups were Trade (think digital, blockchain, etc); Interior/Security (think more digital and blockchain); Health (all digitally controlled); Foreign/Development (included many groups outside the G7); Climate/Environment (a mecca for the SDGs); Digital/Technology (take a guess); and, Finance (jobs/skill based).
The subgroups are highlighted below.  

We’ll start with the Y7.
This G7 for our youth was chaired by Future Leaders Network .
The Y7 Report (Youth 7 Report) is downright scary. Among the most important goals from these youth are:
climate resilience, digital literacy, sustainable economy and mental health“. According to these youth, by 2030 they WANT a totally digital education! According to these youth, they also support skill based education, up-skilling and re-skilling! (these terms apply not only to youth, but to adults, as well) Below, I’ve shared this before. It’s the comparison of how closely US educratic moves in education for workforce prep mirror those of the UN (United Nations).

The W7 Report (Women 7 Report) not only includes education, but gender equity. However, the platform for the 8 areas of these women’s plans for the future are all rooted in a very militant attitude to be built on feminist principles of inclusion, gender and social justice, antiracism, and structural transformation. As far as the gender component every part of the LGBTQ+ is included.

Business and Labor groups teamed up for their 7 Reports. L7 and B7 can be found here. Here’s their #1 priority (after widespread COVID 19 vaccinations):
Education & skillsRapid technological adoption and advancement is changing the world of work, accelerated by COVID19. Transitioning to a netzero economy also requires new skills. Inadequate retraining and lifelong learning risks exacerbating skills shortages at a time of rising unemployment. Employability must be a key focus of education and training systems, with provision that gets people into work and offers lifelong learning improved with the involvement of social partners in its design and governance. G7 countries need to enable more opportunities for quality vocational training and lifelong learning, including through public investment in education and skills. Warriors, if you scroll down to the bottom of this joint statement, you’ll see the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) is a willing partner. Why? They are the ones who coined ‘lifelong learning’. It means, that the ‘cradle to grave’ system will have you in perpetual movement of ‘education’ and jobs, not for your benefit, but the national/global economy. It means you cease to exist as a human, free to do what God created you to do, and, become ‘human capital’.

Another G7 Subgroup is the Civil Society. Their C7 Report is Orwellian, at best. Education will be woven in through the social justice aspect.

The last subgroup is the S7 or Science 7. While I couldn’t get their Reports to load, I did find their agenda through the Royal Society (this UK based group chaired the S7 meetings). The Royal Society’s information didn’t mention STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math) but it will definitely be included. It has to be. It’s from the UN and is used in ALL levels of US education to promote the UN’s SDGs without one care for adhering to our US Constitution or US values, attitudes, and, beliefs.

The above image is from this article of mine from 2018. It’ll give you a great landscape of how far the SDGs have been spread in the US.

The G20’s Coming!

Warriors, before I close out this article, I wanted to share that the G20 (Group of 20 Nations) will be meeting in October 2021 in Italy. However, the education meetings, will be meeting before October, in fact some are happening in the next few days! The theme? “People, Planet, Prosperity”.
This will definitely be something to watch and re-visit, as soon as possible. If this G20 goes anything like the last one, where Sec. DeVos signed an agreement to align education and labor, we’re in for more work to do to combat it!

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