16 thoughts on ““Overt” Education

  1. Lynn, I’ve appreciated your research and writing- laymen’s explanation with links and pics, but this one is a blockbuster! You’ve connected the dots. It’s a scary picture, isn’t it!

    What is a family with children to do? We shelter our kids from this as much as we can by having them in a (non charter, private) Waldorf and are considering homeschool. But I realize the more sheltered and “off the ‘grid’ they are, the dichotomy grows between their world and the reality of our future. Will their digital resume show fewer standards and ‘achievement badges’ were completed and be ‘less qualified’ for employment? Will the ‘sheltered’ kids be disadvantaged in culture that has very different ideas of what constitutes qualifications and meaning?

    Just musing.

    Thank you again for your continued voice! Cheryl


    1. Thanks, so much, Cheryl. From what I’ve uncovered and the established pattern being created, I do believe the intent is pretty close to your musings. It is disgraceful that such activities are being bred for our future leaders and citizens. It is shameful to realize just how controlling those behind this are. I shudder to realize just how hard many of the parents (myself) included who have striven to protect their children (students), only to have this caste system thus upon us. No one deserves this. To know this global trap is laid for every single one of us, only pushes me to be consistent in sharing the truth. God help us all.

      1. Do you think we can get the Fed Ed Betsy Devos to do something about this? President Trump has said in the past that Common Core is no good. Do we have any lobbyists? What about a White House petition? Then we should all send in an email to the White House.

  2. While the President has said it’s no good, he, as well as others in leadership have continually ignored the documented evidence of how Common Core is hiding and how we can divorce our nation from it. If you’d like to get involved in a way in which the goal is to seek an audience with the President or someone in D.C., please visit http://www.childabuseintheclassroom.com

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