8 thoughts on “Heading Up

  1. You can add Tennessee and Maine to the list. I would bet you lunch all the states will have their hand out for the grant money because the money is all that matters to them not what is right or wrong for our kids. There is only one school choice that is still safe and will remain so as long as parents refuse to get sucked into the web. It is the only choice in which parents control. It is the only hope for a truly educated child instead of an indoctrinated slave to the planned global economy. That choice is homeschool. It is time to stand up and STARVE THE BEAST. We could implode this system in one year by getting our kids out. This beast only needs one thing to survive and grow…our kids….without them the beast dies. If we could remove 30% of the kids that would do it. Communities need to come together and make it happen. Writing about it, talking about it, whining about it is not going to stop this beast. Begging your elected to stop it is clearly not going to work either. Get up off your knees and take back your kids and education while we still can because I guarantee the day is coming when you will not have this choice. Choice to the educrats is choice only in location not in what is taught and they want ALL the kids.

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