Uniting ‘Ageless’ Workers

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, recently, I showed you how the Boys and Girls Club of America (AKA: Boys and Girls Clubs of America) was tied to the CCSS Machine in P.E. (physical education) in your communities and schools.

However, that’s not all the Boys/Girls Club is up to, when it comes to the CCSS Machine. Would you believe they are urging all Americans to contact their Congress members to FULLY support and pass into law the Youth Workforce Readiness Act?

(Source for Boys/Girls Club announcement) 

Warriors, the Boys/Girls Club has a goal of 45 Representatives and 25 Senators by March 2020 in support of this agenda. Do I mean students shouldn’t have jobs? No, what I mean is we shouldn’t be using education as a bully pulpit for ‘workforce preparing factories’. Where’s the ‘agenda’? Using schools to shove out academics and insert business supported and industry aligned standards.

Congress, like the CCSS Machine uses P3s (Public/Private Partnerships) to pull the agenda off. P3s were also mandated to increase under the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act), which codified the WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) and the HEA (Higher Education Act) into K-12th grade ‘education’.

Look at the caption on this archived screen shot from my files. (*Note: CCSS is Common Core State Standards; CTE is Career Tech Education; and, CCR is College and Career Readiness.)

HR 5236 And S 3144:

Warriors, these related bills from the current Congressional Session (116th) are very similar in language AND agenda. Both are called the Youth Workforce Readiness Act.

The ‘united’ goal between the two:
1) Workforce ready children beginning at age 6 and ending at 18 years. States will compete for grants to embed this. Included are Career Pathways and Pre-Apprenticeship programs and skill based classes/activities. Look at this image again. Beginning at age 6! Perkins funding is based on a State’s entire child population beginning at age 5!

2) An expansion of federal government will also give us a National Youth Council for workforce/career pathways (embedded in CTE and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)).

3) “Evidence based programs” (including data tracking and assessments) to groom children for jobs will be used at a local level and involve ANY school/education related group (including faith based organizations) like a Boys and Girls Club who can utilize before school hours, after school hours,  school holidays, AND weekends to reach children as young as 6 years old.


The House version is 19 pages long and carries a $100 million PER FY (fiscal year) between 2020 and 2024.
Senate version is 21 pages and has an ‘open checkbook’ for each FY.

Warriors, as of this writing the Boys/Girls Club campaign to urge Americans to have their Congress men and women co-sponsor each bill is far short of the 45/25 goal. HR 5236 has one sponsor (Rep. Harder, CA) and 8 co-sponsors (Reps. Fitzpatrick, PA; Blunt, DE; Utpon, MI; Cooper, TN; Kilmer, WA; and, Luian, NM). S 3144 has one sponsor (Sen. Smith, MN) and 4 co-sponsors (Sens. Perdue, GA; Graham, SC; Wyden, OR; and, Jones, AL).

A ‘united’ status is finding that HR 5236 and S 3144 are both in committees. HR 5236 is in the House’s Education and Labor Committee; S 3144 is in the Senate HELP.

Warriors, on March 4th, 2020 you can here all about the House’s effort to reauthorize the Apprenticeship Act.


Related resources:
1) From 2019, how the Congress members are using workforce based education for digital currency plans. From 2018 how the workforce development cycle will encompass everyone in America from birth to death. Note the ‘kingpin’ is apprenticeships.

2) Warriors, did you know the U.S. Dept. of Labor has our nation broken into 6 Regions for Apprenticeships?

3) By the way, Warriors, apprenticeships are 100% based on the German Competency Models, as well as other nations’. A big fan of those? BOTH Democrats and Republicans! Our present Administration is pushing more workforce based education than ever before.

4) Coming in March 2020, Arcadia University’s Pioneer Series of Presentations will feature former U.S. Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training, Joan Oates. Mrs. Oates is now the President of a non-profit called Working Nation”. Be sure to access her media sources. She’s all about re-skilling labor forces, skill training’s future for Americans. Be sure to check out the Working Nation partners. Working Nation’s founder is a venture capitalist. Research has shown us VCs are out to ruin education and transform it into workforce prep. Look at Working Nation’s Advisory Board. Lots of CCSS Machine representation.

5) From 2014, my first exposure for you about Global Silicon Valley. From 2016, one of my first articles tying AZ State Univ. to GSV.

6) If you’ve heard of NextDoor (a free neighborhood service), you may have missed my article about how that’s tied to the Global Silicon Valley and the massive data mining that goes with it. Warriors, it directly ties to education.

7) From 2016, this article details the Working Nation’s founder (Art Bilger) and his plans to ‘wake up’ our nation over job losses. But read HOW he wanted (still wants) to do it. What do Elon Musk, Art Bilger, Bill Gates, and Bill Nye have in common? Read this from Working Nation. Lastly, this 2016 paper describes Art Bilger as a ‘jobs expert’.
Look a the ties to Big Tech and what’s now blockchain data.

8) How will Big Data (Facebook, Google, Amazon) ‘cash in’ on the ‘skills gap’ Working Nation preaches? Two ways:
a) the USMCA (US-Mexico-Canada Agreement) and b) immigration. This link will take you to the conclusion of my series on detailing the USMCA. You can access all the related articles from there.

9) OAN News recently had a leader from a FL private university discuss how they are helping close the ‘skills gap’.

10) Why the ‘skills gap’ is a false message.
a) Part One of my recent series detailing how much workforce based federal money the FY2021 Budget Requests will be. It’s almost ALL ‘skills based’.
b) Part Two of that series.
c) From my archives: 2017’s look at the Congressional word play;  2019’s look at how ‘the skills gap’ is being used to purposefully align education to workforce development.


Warriors, we’ve seemingly become a nation which would rather focus on jobs and how to get them than our future leaders and caretakers actually being to know how to read, write, and, think. All this ‘workforce, close the skills gap’ rhetoric continues is MORE focus on conforming than actual academics. Do you wish to see this cycle grow? I don’t!
Let’s get this information out, let’s educate our officials and media hosts. We simply MUST change the conversation.


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