Brute Force Ahead?!

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Author’s Note:
The following article is designed and dedicated to be the truth based on actual documents, not mainstream media. It is in-depth and will take time to further dig into, on your end. Documents as evidence are embedded throughout as an example that my opinion is not the focus whatsoever.
I believe in a Constitutionally based form of government. As such, law enforcement was not laid out as a federal activity or have any jurisdiction from a national (or global) stance.
How we’ve seen the CCSS Machine usurp the duties of law enforcement also needs exposing.
I’ve included some of my archives on this topic for you. There’s a definite trail of collusion from local-to-state-to-federal-to-the United Nations when it comes to the police presence in our lives. LMT as the Common Core Diva

A Small Event Turns Warning Bell-worthy:

We’ve seen SO many forces come after our students since the global CCSS (Common Core State Standards) Machine rolled into town. One could say we’ve been steamrolled when it comes to protecting our families.

Looking back in my archives, I’ve warned you before about the overreaches of law enforcement into our schools. Well, my Warrior Friends, it’s about to becoming a state of our existence, IF we do NOTHING.

Cutting the purse strings from the federal and state governments IS a solution.

So, what small event am I referring to? On August 2, 2023, my local NC newspaper (Mooresville Tribune) published an article expressing the good news that the local police force had become nationally accredited. My initial thought was if their accrediting process is anything what I’ve found in the education system, this can only mean one thing: top-down control. I also know that there’s a whole lot of information the media source didn’t tell the readers. For example do you know if your local police are considered School Resource Officers or conduct DARE classes (drug abuse awareness program for schools and community groups)? What about the law enforcement scare tactic based ‘response to trauma’ program called “ALICE”? What about the in-our-faces 2nd Amendment attacks disguised as ‘school safety’?

Both claim to align to the narrative of ‘restorative justice’, a popular bully tactic phrase embedded in SEL, Social Emotional Learning. SEL is NOT reserved for public K-12 education, oh no, far from it. To shift everyone’s attitudes, values and beliefs, you have to embed SEL in the community services.

Here’s the link to my local police department’s community services. (According to this link, ‘community’ has been replaced with ‘Support’. Why highlight that? It goes back to money and that ‘top-down’ control. For the local law enforcement to have access to schools (at all age levels) there has to be funding AND legislation. In one swift move, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) actually INCREASED the presence of several non-educators. These usually involve MOUs (Memos of Understanding) or outright contracts.

A huge portion of funding for ‘support services’ (which is being re-defined almost daily to increase what type of education-related activity something can fit in, as well as increase non-educators as staff for ‘whole child learning’. This includes massive overreaches into mental health. Oh, communities can also receive top-down funds for aligning with the mandates in ESSA (at the risk of losing funds, compliance is required) as well as CDBGs (Community Development Block Grants), these also go by “Promise Neighborhoods”.  If you’ve missed my research on those, go here.

Back in 2018, I attended a free documentary presented by several NC specific (some state wide and some local area) groups FULLY SUPPORTED the encroachments of wrap around services (aka ‘community services’) in our schools. Why? Society has failed our children and the SCHOOL’s the BEST place to reach a large number at once. In my article/video exposing this, I shared that not only were the police officers in full support, but the state-wide church councils, too! When Covid hit, the tyranny escalated. This link will give you all kinds of researched information.

More About the Newspaper Article:

Above, I mentioned the newspaper article sharing the ‘good news’. I think that’s going to depend on who’s reading.
The Commission of Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. awarded the Mooresville Police Department with national accredited status.
By being incorporated, the CALEA, as it is called, is a private entity (house in VA, founded in 1979). *Note: More about CALEA in a bit.

Police are public servants, correct? Don’t our tax dollars pay their salaries? Yes, it’s built into your property taxes. So are schools, though. The equipment your school uses as well as your police department also find funds from top-down coming in their bank accounts.

Why would equipment matter? Because it makes whomever using the equipment (and whomever is being investigated) TRACKABLE and algorithm traced. Not only that, but INTERNATIONAL data standards are being used; NOT locally created standards. GLOBAL! *Note: More about this in a bit.

Did you know that since many of the computer and online services that are connected to the equipment used in schools and by public servants that taxpayers pay for that, as well? The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) pads that in your phone bills. Back in 2014, I exposed that.

What else did the article say about a police force becoming ‘nationally accredited’? There are 6 in all, however, 3 of these should have your attention. They certainly got mine!
1) “Stronger defense against lawsuits and citizens complaints: Accredited agencies are better able to defend themselves against lawsuits and citizen complaints. Many agencies report a decline in legal actions once they become accredited.”
Well of course a decline in cases would be seen, the voice of the people in the community just got a huge ‘mute’ button!
What if, as a school resource officer a complaint or lawsuit was needed? Does this mean that ALL complaints are taken seriously or large scale dismissal? We the People know that corruption exists in ALL government services and as such are given the right to report it! Accrediting in this instance sounds very  suspect.

2) “Staunch support from government officials: Accreditation provides objective evidence of an agency’s commitment to excellence in leadership, resource management and service-delivery. Thus, government officials are more confident in the agency’s ability to operate efficiently and meet community needs.”
So are we to think that because the police got a ‘thumbs up’ from a private entity we can feel more secure and protected? Since we know that public private partnerships are fascist, are we supposed to trust that the government will have our best interests become as staunchly supported? This aspect of accreditation drips of more ‘good ole boy’ networking as seen in “Robin Hood”.

3) “Increases community advocacy: Accreditation embodies the precepts of community-oriented policing. It creates a forum in which police and citizens work together to prevent and control crime. This partnership helps citizens understand the challenges confronting law enforcement and gives a clear direction about community expectations.”
Well, gosh darn it all, y’all…don’t you feel better knowing that a police officer who swears to uphold the U.S. Constitution as well as the Constitution of your State, just went ‘globally woke’ on your family? Wait, Lynne, I didn’t see any ‘globally woke’ language!

It’s hiding in plain sight. Written into “Voices of Culture” A 2021 Report by the Goethe Institut (Belgium), culture shifts for society are best handled when there’s ‘group effort’. This falls directly under Sustainable Development Goals #16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions), a partnership between police and the citizens is required. It’s a form of co-dependency on a United Nations level! (*Note 1: The United Nations has devoted much time and resources to color coding the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. Blue, is the color for SDG #16, which is “Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions”. According to marketing psychology, blue is to bring us a sense of dependability and strength and promote a state of mind of trust. Think about that next time you hear someone say “Back the Blue” or when you see the UN’s symbol, below. Ask yourselves “What are they really promoting?”) (*Note 2: you can download the 2021 Report, here. It should be the first link. The cover should show “Culture” at the top and the SDG wheel in the middle of the page.)

CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Officers:

Not repeating what I’ve already shared with you about this private entity, it was formed by combining 4 different law enforcement groups:
The International Association of Chiefs of Police (just look at the P3s, Public Private Partnerships funding ‘global police activity’. Among these are the very same groups which support not only the UN, but helped support Common Core), the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (look here and you’ll see it’s not just the USA this group is in.You can also find that the new initiative NOBLE is involved in will mean massive data mining/tracking), the National Sheriffs Association (where you can find that much of their funding is from federal dollars: ie: taxpayer funds, from US Dept of Homeland Security) and the Police Executive Research Forum. In deeper research, I was able to find out that CALEA also accredits public safety officers, campus safety officers and impact public service agencies. CALEA also partners with APCO and works with the U.S. Departments of State; Justice and Homeland Security (all of these are UNCONSTITUTIONAL as in the fact they were NOT among the 3 branches established BY the U. S. Constitution, but added by U.S. Congress. Each of these agencies has adopted the UN policies and projects. Which is a direct violation of the sworn duty each employee of each agency confesses. This same Oath of Office is used by law enforcement and city governments. State governments use this as well. )

Another CALEA just happens to be a 1994 Law (Public Law 103-414) which benefited the FCC AND set up better protection of law enforcement’s ability to conduct electronic surveillance! (if you cannot read the image below, right click to open in a new window)

Meet APCO (Association of Public Safety Communications Officers):

To see their website, go here. How does APCO show up in our schools?
First, any emergency your school (or school related entity) has, APCO’s communications play a part in that. Here’s the link to
their “SchoolSAFE” data collection system. (think digital ID cards as just the beginning).
Then, there’s the archived webinar for ‘school safety’ from them.
Lastly is their utter and complete devotion to the United Nations and the SDGs. In the 2021 UN Global Compact Report of theirs, the amount of partnerships to pull off total compliance AS WELL AS naming all the corporate partners and clients actively using education to brainwash our society is absolutely sickening. (*Note: if the link above is not working, search your internet for APCO UN Global Compact Report 2021. It should be the 4th item listed and will immediately download the Report to your device.)

APCO also works with the ITU (International Telecommunication Union),  3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project), and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). ITU is the UN’s Technology Data arm! Third Generation is related to the 9-1-1 services we use and is currently helping all these groups update to a NG 9-1-1 (Next Generation 9-1-1 system)! IEEE has been exposed on my blog before for their massive student data raping algorithms! ALL these groups have the backing of not only the CCSS Machine, but the U.S. Congress as well!  Visit this website and look at the proposed bills for NG 9-1-1!


Related resources:
As of this writing the U.S. Dept of Education is gearing up for MORE ‘school safety’ with ‘school resource officers’.
Also, sometime in September, new vaccines to address a new variant of covid will be available. (Interestingly enough, even some mainstream media sources say ‘wait’ not enough ‘guidance’ is available!) This will certainly impact education, you know it will! How? Schools are ‘recommended’ to follow the CDC guidance! Here’s what the Centers for Disease Control published in March 2023.

Meanwhile, the U. S. Dept. of Health and Human Services recently released a comprehensive guide to coach local and state levels community services to USE Medicaid funding given to schools FOR school based services. Among those? MOUs for law enforcement and programs like “Child Find” to identify those with special needs, including mental health overreaches and in-home visits. (*Note: Child Find begins with ‘under federal law’..there’s a big problem..)
1) (The Covid bit and mental health overreaches from Round 1)
2) “Living in the Solution’s” podcast about the Medicaid guidance.
3) How programs like “Child Find” may very well label every child as a special needs one.
4) To see the Career Pathways (Career Tracks) for law enforcement*(you’ll need to search for LE) which can begin as early as middle school, go here.
5) To see how the FBI also gives ‘career advice’, see this.
6) The U.S. Dept. of Defense has an entire page devoted to the different types of Career Clusters/Paths/Tracks for other jobs you may not think are law enforcement. If you want to see the collectivism type training expected of your students considering the FBI, look at this.
7) Take into consideration that ALL 17 of the UN’s SDGs are taught in every level of education or anything related to it. To see exactly HOW law enforcement is being globalized FOR the total conformity TO the SDGs, read this article.
8) The data collection mentioned in #7 will, undoubtedly be ‘off the charts’. Remember, groups like APCO are ‘hell-bent’ on ensuring that happens through their partnerships for adherence to GLOBAL data standards!

Warriors, there’s is enough evidence connected to this to write at least 2 more articles. However, it’s urgent we get at least this much information out there IMMEDIATELY. Know that I’ll continue to expose the agenda at hand that show how every member of our society is being retrained or reformed to fit the global agenda of control, not at ALL what our Founding Fathers had in mind or even those who wanted to help protect and serve WE the People.



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