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Hello, my Anti Fed Ed Warriors! I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘betting on the farm’ (which means you risk everything you have to win a bet or succeed with an investment or organization). I KNOW we’ve seen education bet on in this fashion since the CCSS Machine rolled into the classrooms. If you’re like me, you have fought long and hard to expose the under the table deals; reveal the backroom meetings, and so much more.

Recently, the U.S. Secretary of Education gave a speech where the tone was definitely MORE ‘betting on education’ was woven throughout. If you missed my scathing rebuttal to Betsy DeVos, I’ve included it here, for you. Be warned, Warriors, her speech was written to sound like ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) is worthy of sainthood.

Warriors, we know the media loves to help sell lies to us these days, especially when it comes to education. If you look only at the headlines surrounding DeVos’s latest speech, you’ll be misguided in the notion that “Common Core is dead” . What the media leaves out is that her passion and poor leadership will send American children of all school choices to one sad conclusion:

Personalized digital learning is the ESSA way and as such, is the ONLY way to learn

Warriors, we’ve seen tons of research which proves ‘personalized learning’ is a farce. The fact it is continually tied to the digital push also proves that the ‘learning’ isn’t really taking in information. No, the digital personalized learning is all a data mining trap to force your student into a preconceived pigeon hole job.


That DeVos is steering the bets on education and has pointed America to MORE Common Core/Career Tech/College and Career Readiness/STEM proves on thing:

                    The globalization of education will continue on ‘as is’.

Also, because DeVos’s devotion to digitally connected, personalized education seems so ‘pure’, consider this: she, via family business holdings, can literally profit from the use of digital computer and programs in the classrooms. My article from November 2016 shows where those holdings are.

If you have friends and family who are still convinced DeVos is a great champ for American education, show them the article. DeVos nor Trump have done one thing to rid our nation of Common Core. They’ve done everything to ensure the globalization of our nation’s classrooms continues.


BETT In The U.S. By Way Of The U.K.:

Warriors, I first learned of BETT ( British Educational Training and Technology Show) from an email sent to me by a CCSS Machine group. I was being invited to attend briefing sessions connected to the Conference in London the last weekend of this month (Jan. 2018). Below is a screen shot of the email. The added emphasis is mine.


If you question BETT’s stance on why it is pushing for digital personalized learning, look below:

Other sponsors and partners include Cisco, Dell, and, Microsoft. Underneath every partner or sponsor is how they are tied to BETT. For example, Microsoft is a ‘worldwide partner’. Because digital and technology pushes across the globe involve the UN/UNESCO, you’ll find STEM and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math; Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and, Math) there, too.

Evidence has also proven that these UN led agenda items were inserted into American education as part of the CCSS Machine’s ‘bet’ in education. The payoff? A STEM people for a STEM workforce who live in a STEM nation with a STEM economy for global good.

BETT is all about bringing together the global education community in the hopes of transforming education. With the ties we see above, is it any wonder DeVos is so hell-bent on trying to convince us digital education on a personal level is the ONLY way to go? It makes sense to me.


Make no mistake, Warriors, DeVos will keep placing dangerous bets in education supposedly on our children’s behalf. We KNOW she’s totally unqualified to be in such a powerful position. We MUST continue to keep watch and help dispel the damaging misinformation which is coming at us from ALL angles in D.C. We MUST continue to protest against ANY involvement with the United Nations. It’s not enough to pull funding from specific programs and expect all the ties to the UN will go away. The CCSS Machine, along with the UN have been planning total educational upheaval for many, many years.
Folks like DeVos only make it harder to untangle. Those groups the UN is using, like BETT, certainly uphold transforming education from learning to workforce.


10 thoughts on “Betting on Education

  1. Our children’s text books, curriculum, teacher training, assessments, GED, SAT and the international test PISA ALL ALIGNED to Common Core standards. These standards are not going anywhere. They just keep coming up with different names and schemes to deceive parents into thinking they are winning the Common Core war but we are not. They are just getting better at lying. For decades they deceived us but we are no longer a bunch of bobble head dolls. We know what they are up to. Betsy DeVos is a liar. She is a rich globalist and President Trump made the biggest mistake of his term in office by putting her in charge. Here is another thought: I believe she is window dressing for Jeb Bush. I believe he is driving the education bus in DC and she is just his puppet. There was no way the public would have ever allowed him to be our Secretary of Education directly. But believe me he is there whispering in his good friend and business associate, Betsy DeVos. Yes there is a lot in this education thing for Ms. DeVos and she has enough money to buy whatever it is she wants. A $250 million donation to the RNC pretty much seals the deal. A woman who never stepped one day into a public school classroom and neither did her own children. The solution, at this point, is very simple if you truly care about your children’s future. It is time to STARVE THE BEAST. Get your kids out.

  2. Good afternoon Ms. Taylor,

    I continually attempt to influence the parents/guardians of our community and every time a new article comes out from the State of Ohio, the Dept. of Education, Paul Ryan, or any other swamp-fellows, the words that are used to present a new position to the lay person sound great and optimistic. But to me, the old curmudgeon, I see the words for what they are…the same old song and dance that represent CC becoming more entrenched within the school districts, and continue to ask myself, “how can I show folks that these words are our problem. Encouraging as they may sound and read, therein is where the problems lie…”

    Do you have any of your older articles that acts more like a glossary of terms to explain to folks what these venomous verbs and syllables really mean? Is there any way that those articles could be reprinted for us to forward to people so they can keep a copy on their desk when they read these erroneous entries attempting to tell people that the state in which they live are being granted more control and freedom? When in truth, as we know, the cuffs slowly tighten on our hands…and the muzzle cuts deeper.

    Thank you for all that you do, and rest assured, we are trying to do everything we can to educate the masses, at least our school board, neighbors, friends, etc…


    Michael Hamel

    On Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 7:03 AM, commoncorediva wrote:

    > mooregrits posted: “Hello, my Anti Fed Ed Warriors! I’m sure you’ve heard > of ‘betting on the farm’ (which means you risk everything you have to win a > bet or succeed with an investment or organization). I KNOW we’ve seen > education bet on in this fashion since the CCSS Machine” >

    1. Michael, thank you so much for reaching out to me. I do believe we can work together to get your OH folks in this fight, even more so than they may be already.
      Please leave me an email I may contact you by. You can also send me an email:

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